Former Police Officer Faces Disciplinary Hearing for Failure to Investigate Wayne Couzens Prior to Sarah Everard’s Murder

Former Police Officer Faces Disciplinary Hearing for Failure to Investigate Wayne Couzens Prior to Sarah Everard’s Murder

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

A former Metropolitan Police officer is facing allegations that she failed to conduct a thorough investigation into Wayne Couzens, the perpetrator of the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard.


The officer, Samantha Lee, is accused of neglecting to make appropriate inquiries into two incidents of flashing by Couzens just hours before he committed the heinous crimes.

The allegations were revealed during a police disciplinary hearing.

Failure to Investigate Flashing Incidents

According to the disciplinary hearing, former police constable Samantha Lee allegedly did not conduct the necessary investigative inquiries into two incidents of Wayne Couzens exposing himself to female staff members at a restaurant in Swanley, Kent, on February 14 and 27.

The hearing highlighted that Lee had attended the restaurant on March 3, where she interviewed the manager shortly before Couzens abducted Sarah Everard in Clapham, southwest London.

Additionally, Lee is accused of providing false information when questioned, claiming she believed the restaurant’s CCTV footage was automatically deleted.

Testimony and Negligence

The manager of the McDonald’s drive-through, Sam Taylor, provided a statement stating that on both occasions, female staff members observed Couzens sitting in his car with his trousers fully down, exposing his genitals.


The disciplinary hearing’s representative from the Metropolitan Police noted that after Taylor reported the incidents on February 28, the matter was classified as “less urgent” compared to other cases.

It was revealed that a computer check confirmed that the vehicle involved, a black Seat Exeo, had been registered to Wayne Couzens since January 2018.

Importantly, the representative emphasized that there is no standard procedure to check if a suspect in criminal cases is a police officer.

Rushed Investigation and Alleged Lack of Evidence Collection

The hearing disclosed that Samantha Lee attended the restaurant on the afternoon of March 3, which happened to be her last appointment for the day.

The representative suggested that her work was rushed and lacking thoroughness.

Although the manager claims to have shown Lee the CCTV footage and receipts containing the last four digits of Couzens’ card, Lee denied seeing the footage and maintained that she only spoke to the manager.

However, Lee admitted to taking possession of the receipts and witness statements from the manager but did not properly secure them in an evidence bag, keeping them in her body armor pocket instead.


The allegations against former police officer Samantha Lee reveal significant failures in the investigation into Wayne Couzens prior to Sarah Everard’s tragic murder.


The hearing highlights Lee’s alleged negligence, including a lack of appropriate inquiries and failure to collect and secure crucial evidence.

The prosecution argues that Lee’s behavior suggests a prioritization of personal convenience over her professional duties, and accuses her of lying about her actions when the stakes had escalated dramatically.

The case brings attention to the potential consequences of inadequate investigations and the need for thoroughness and integrity within police procedures.

The revelations also shed light on the difficult task of balancing workload priorities within law enforcement agencies, particularly when cases are classified as “less urgent.”

The outcome of the misconduct hearing will determine whether Lee will face a ban from serving in the police force again.


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