Actress’s Criticism of Political Leaders Sparks Controversy at BAFTA Awards

Actress’s Criticism of Political Leaders Sparks Controversy at BAFTA Awards

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

The 43-year-old Irish actress, winner of the Best Female Performance in a Comedy award for her role as Sister Michael in a sleeper hit comedy set in 1990s Londonderry during The Troubles, used her acceptance speech at the BAFTA awards to criticize political leaders in Britain, Ireland, and Northern Ireland.


While her full speech, including her strong words for the so-called leaders, was shown on the BAFTA YouTube channel, the BBC One broadcast edited out the contentious remarks, which sparked criticism online.

Recognition of Award and Criticism of Political Leaders

After receiving the Best Female Performance in a Comedy award for her portrayal of Sister Michael, the Irish actress took the opportunity to address the people of Derry.

She expressed her daily admiration for their spirit of compromise and resilience in the face of the ignorance, indignities, and stupidity displayed by political leaders in Dublin, Stormont, and Westminster.

Quoting her beloved character Sister Michael, she emphasized the need for these leaders to become more enlightened.

BBC One’s Edited Version and Backlash

Viewers who watched the BAFTA awards on BBC One only heard a toned-down version of the actress’s speech.

The broadcast featured her expressing gratitude to the people of Derry for embracing her and the show, as well as thanking her family and the show’s creator.


The BBC’s decision to edit out the actress’s critical remarks drew criticism online, with social media users questioning the broadcaster’s impartiality and expressing disappointment over the omission of the more powerful and impactful elements of her speech.


The actress’s speech at the BAFTA awards generated significant attention due to its controversial nature.

By commending the people of Derry for their ability to navigate compromise and resilience amidst challenging circumstances, she aimed to highlight the shortcomings of political leaders in Dublin, Stormont, and Westminster.

Her words carried weight, particularly given the context of the comedy’s setting during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

The BBC’s decision to exclude the contentious portion of the speech from its broadcast version sparked a heated debate.

Critics argued that by selectively editing the speech, the BBC compromised its impartiality, suggesting a deliberate attempt to downplay or censor the actress’s critique of political leaders.

Social media users expressed disappointment, noting that the omitted segment added depth and power to the speech, making it a missed opportunity for compelling television.

The controversy surrounding the edited speech brings to the forefront questions about the responsibilities and limitations of broadcasters in presenting content.


The BBC, in response to inquiries, cited time constraints as a reason for the edits made to acceptance speeches.

However, this explanation may not fully satisfy those who believe that the full speech, including the actress’s pointed criticism, should have been aired.

The actress herself has not yet made a public statement regarding the editing of her speech.

Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding the incident, coupled with recent instances such as Gary Lineker stepping back from Match of the Day after criticizing the government, raises important discussions about the media’s role in delivering speeches and maintaining impartiality.

As public scrutiny continues, further clarification may be sought from the BBC regarding its editorial decisions during the BAFTA broadcast.


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