Former BBN Star Tacha Makes Headlines with Pricey Dress at AMVCA

Former BBN Star Tacha Makes Headlines with Pricey Dress at AMVCA

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha Akide, created a social media frenzy with her striking entrance at the 2023 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).


The event, held at the Eko Hotel Convention Centre and Suites in Lagos, witnessed a parade of esteemed personalities from the entertainment industry, but Tacha’s grand appearance stole the spotlight.

Tacha’s Jaw-Dropping Dress:

Walking the event’s black carpet, Tacha donned a sequenced royal blue dress that made a bold statement.

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Designed by popular celebrity designer Tolu Bally, the dress was reportedly valued at a staggering $20,000 (approximately ₦9.2 million).

Confident Declaration and Receipt Confirmation:

During the event, Tacha took to social media to assert her prominence, declaring that while everyone looked amazing, she was the undeniable standout.

Furthermore, Tacha shared a receipt of the dress’s cost on her social media platforms, seemingly aiming to validate her claim and address the ensuing discussions surrounding its price tag.

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Mixed Reactions and Fashion Precedent:

The revelation of the dress’s exorbitant cost sparked a range of reactions among social media users.


Some were in awe of Tacha’s ability to splurge such a considerable amount on a dress, while others questioned the authenticity of the claim and pondered the worthiness of the price tag.

Regardless, Tacha’s extravagant choice sets a new standard for the cost of fashion at high-profile events like the AMVCA.

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Anticipation for Tacha’s Further Appearances:

As the AMVCA 2023 continues, Tacha’s $20,000 dress remains a major talking point.

Fans and critics eagerly await her subsequent appearances, as her fashion statement has added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the event.

Regardless of opinions on its extravagance, Tacha has undeniably captured attention and demonstrated her knack for making a memorable impression.


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