Football’s Dark Spell: The Menace of Marabouts Exploiting Players and Their Fortunes

The Marabout Menace: Footballers Deceived and Exploited

Footballers, drawn into the clutches of voodoo witch doctors known as ‘marabouts,’ find themselves cheated out of substantial amounts, with the ordeal leaving lasting scars.

Gilles Yapi Yapo, a former Ivory Coast international, exposes the insidious tactics employed by these marabouts, making it difficult for victims to break free.

Paul Pogba Scandal: A High-Profile Allegation Sheds Light on Marabout Influence

The marabout menace gained international attention when French footballer Paul Pogba faced accusations of paying a witch doctor to cast a spell on his teammate Kylian Mbappe.

The allegations, denied by Pogba, revealed the shadowy world of marabouts manipulating footballers for financial gain.

Gilles Yapi Yapo’s Ordeal: A Football Star’s Struggle Under Marabout Influence

Gilles Yapi Yapo, a former Ivory Coast international football star, shares his personal experience of being cheated out of £174,000 by a marabout.

He describes the two years spent under the influence of a traditional healer, detailing the spiraling financial demands and the psychological toll it took on him.

The Marabout’s Web of Deceit: From Curses to Empty Promises

Yapi Yapo recounts the marabout’s tactics, starting with claims of family curses hindering success. The healer prescribed sacrifices, starting with animals and escalating to exorbitant sums, promising riches and success. The footballer’s harrowing journey exposes the dark side of these exploitative practices.

Religious and Spiritual Manipulation: Marabouts Prey on Vulnerabilities

Despite Yapi Yapo’s Christian faith providing strength, the marabout’s manipulation extended beyond financial exploitation.

Evangelical pastor Joel Thibault reveals the disastrous consequences faced by athletes caught in similar circumstances, highlighting the spiritual and mental toll inflicted by marabouts.

Cisse Baratte’s Tale: Another Victim of Marabout Influence

Ivory Coast-born footballer Cisse Baratte shares a parallel story of falling into the marabout trap, seeking enhanced performance and protection.

From potions and sacrifices to wearing protective belts, Baratte describes the dependency that marabouts exploit, revealing the widespread influence in European football.

Spotlight on Football’s Dark Secret: Addressing the Marabout Menace

The Paul Pogba extortion case shines a spotlight on the serious problem of marabout influence in football.

With increasing money in the sport, players’ vulnerability to marabouts has intensified. Evangelical pastor Joel Thibault emphasizes the need to address the issue, shedding light on the extent of the problem in the football community.

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