Flying Felon Appears in Las Vegas Courtroom in a Spit Mask and Chains as He Stares Down Female Judge He Tried to Kill by Leaping Over Her Bench When She Rejected Pleas for Probation

Repeat Offender’s Violent Attack on Judge Leads to Prison Sentence

Deobra Redden, a 30-year-old criminal from Las Vegas, found himself sentenced to 19 to 48 months in prison by the very judge he physically assaulted just a week prior.

The shocking incident occurred when he launched himself at Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus, vehemently expressing his dissatisfaction with her decision on his probation plea.

This violent act unfolded in the courtroom and was captured on video.

Return to the Courtroom: Restrained and Sentenced

Appearing once again before Judge Holthus, Redden was brought into the courtroom on Monday.

This time, he was in shackles, adorned with a spit mask on his face, and orange mitts on his hands.

A stark contrast to his previous unrestrained appearance when he attacked the judge.

The courtroom setting portrayed a palpable tension, with Redden facing new felony charges for his assault on the judge, who is classified as a ‘protected person’ in Nevada.

Previous Convictions and Felony Battery Charge

Redden had a history marked by violent offenses, with prior convictions for three felonies and nine misdemeanors.

His latest sentencing stemmed from a felony battery charge related to a baseball bat attack the previous year.

Initially charged with assault, Redden struck a deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty to attempted battery resulting in substantial injuries in November.

Courtroom Chaos: Attack on Judge Holthus

The courtroom video captured the intense moment when Redden launched himself at Judge Holthus, causing her to fall back against a wall.

The judge pleaded for him to stop as he grabbed her hair, toppling an American flag in the process.

Security staff intervened, hauling Redden off.

Despite the severity of the attack, Redden had been released from custody as part of his plea deal, allowing him to attend the sentencing hearing without restraints.

Solitary Confinement and Disturbing Outburst

Redden is currently held in solitary confinement, admitting that he assaulted Judge Holthus because he was having a ‘bad day.’

In this isolated setting, he won’t interact with other inmates and will have minimal outside time.

During his detention, he expressed a belief that the judge was biased against him, calling her ‘evil’ and later apologizing to the correction officers.

Consequences of the Attack: Injuries and Legal Ramifications

The aftermath of Redden’s attack left Court Marshal Shane Brandon with a gash requiring 25 stitches, while law clerk Michael Lasso suffered minor hand abrasions.

Redden’s criminal record, consisting mainly of violent offenses, prompted District Attorney Steve Wolfson to remark that he had been violent throughout his adult life.

Repeat Offender’s Defense and Legal History

Redden attempted to convince Judge Holthus on Wednesday that he was not a rebellious person, arguing against being sent to prison.

However, as the judge expressed her intent to incarcerate him, Redden erupted with expletives, charging forward.

His criminal history includes charges in both Nevada and Texas, with prior convictions for battery, robbery, assault, injury to property, and coercion.

Judicial Perspective and Previous Conviction

Judge Holthus, a seasoned prosecutor with over 27 years of courthouse experience, had previously demanded a competency determination for Redden.

Despite being found competent to stand trial, Redden’s violent tendencies resurfaced, leading to his guilty plea in the battery case.

Holthus, who returned to work a day after the attack, described Redden as ‘big, strong, and angry.’

This case highlights the challenges faced by the judicial system in dealing with repeat offenders and the potential dangers faced by those in the courtroom.

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