First Look at Season Six of ‘The Crown’ Teases Royal History Recreated

The Crown Season Six: A Peek into Royal History

Netflix’s highly acclaimed series, ‘The Crown,’ is all set to revisit some iconic royal moments from history in its upcoming sixth season.

The final season of the series is divided into two parts, with the first half premiering on Netflix on November 16, and the second part following on December 14.

Netflix has released a first glimpse of images from the upcoming season, offering fans a taste of what’s in store.

One of the notable moments to be recreated is Princess Diana’s final days before her tragic car crash in Paris in August 1997.

A Synopsis of Season Six

Netflix’s statement about the last season provides some insight into what viewers can expect.

Season six will cover the time period around Princess Diana’s death, as well as the early 2000s when Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship began to blossom.

The narrative explores various aspects, including the tragic car journey involving Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, Prince William’s attempt to reintegrate into life at Eton following his mother’s death, and the monarchy’s journey as they navigate public opinion.

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Prince Charles and Camilla’s marriage, and the budding royal fairytale of William and Kate are all key elements of the storyline.

Iconic Moments from Royal History

One of the standout moments to be recreated in season six is the summer trip taken by Prince Harry and Prince William to Balmoral in August 1997.

This trip is particularly significant as it was during this time that the young princes received the devastating news of their mother’s passing.

The season picks up where season five left off, focusing on the divorced couple Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, who are spending their summer apart.

The Diana and Dodi Fayed Story

Executive producer Suzanne Mackie sheds light on the focus of the upcoming season. She mentions that the story of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed is at its beginning in season six.

Viewers can expect to see the whirlwind of press speculation surrounding their romance, especially as iconic images from that time are recreated on screen.

The Return of Queen Elizabeth

Netflix has recently released a trailer for the upcoming series, with Imelda Staunton returning as Queen Elizabeth.

The trailer also features glimpses of previous Queen actresses, Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, in a nod to the series’ journey spanning decades.

The trailer conveys the idea that the crown symbolizes permanence, something that individuals are, rather than what they do.

The different actresses’ portrayals of the Queen and their reflections on the sacrifices made are central to the trailer’s narrative.

Expanding to Six Seasons

The Crown was initially planned to run for five seasons, but creator Peter Morgan decided to return to his original idea of six seasons.

This decision was driven by the desire to explore the richness and complexity of the story in greater detail. Season six will not bring the series closer to the present day but will enable a more in-depth exploration of the same historical period.

Premiere Dates

Season six, Part 1 of ‘The Crown,’ is set to premiere on Netflix on November 16, with Part 2 following on December 14. Fans can look forward to experiencing the final chapter of this iconic series.