Fire destroys lavish Shelley Point Hotel

Fire Engulfs Shelley Point Hotel and Spa

A devastating fire erupted at the Shelley Point Hotel and Spa in St Helena Bay, Western Cape, causing extensive damage on Tuesday.

The incident prompted the deployment of two helicopters and a substantial number of firefighters to combat the blaze.

Collaborative Efforts in Containment

In a joint effort, neighboring municipalities extended support to assist in controlling the fire.

Fortunately, amidst the chaos, there were no reported fatalities or injuries.

Firefighters managed to momentarily contain the flames while evacuating both staff and hotel guests.

Impact and Speculation

While the cause of the fire sparked speculation, suggestions regarding the hotel’s solar panels were refuted by Saldanha Bay Municipality Mayor Andre Truter.

He disclosed that the fire originated in the hotel’s kitchen, dispelling earlier conjectures.

Mayor Commends Firefighters’ Valor

Despite the challenges posed by strong winds exacerbating the situation, causing significant structural damage to the hotel, Mayor Truter praised the Fire Chief and firefighting teams for their heroic efforts.

He specifically acknowledged Fire Chief Basil January, emphasizing the crucial role in preventing the fire from spreading into the adjacent golf estate and surrounding areas.

Community Support and Resilience

Expressing gratitude, Mayor Truter lauded the surrounding communities for their unwavering support.

The locals provided essential aid by supplying water and sustenance to the exhausted firefighters, showcasing a commendable spirit of unity in the face of adversity.


As the situation remains ongoing, the collaborative efforts of firefighters and the support from the community continue to be instrumental in managing the aftermath of the fire at the Shelley Point Hotel and Spa.

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