Father’s Stroke Recovery: From Memory Loss to Resilience and Rehabilitation

Father’s Stroke Recovery: From Memory Loss to Resilience and Rehabilitation

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Father’s Stroke Leaves Him with No Memory of Daughter, But Speedy Treatment Leads to Recovery


Paul Flaherty, a father who experienced a stroke, woke up with no recollection of his six-year-old daughter.

Despite the initial memory loss, Paul’s quick action in recognizing the symptoms and receiving prompt medical treatment played a crucial role in his recovery.

His story highlights the importance of early intervention and the challenges faced during the rehabilitation process.

The Onset of a Stroke:

Paul Flaherty began feeling unwell shortly after returning from a hair appointment.

His arm went numb, and having witnessed his father’s stroke months earlier, he immediately recognized the signs.


Paul managed to contact his ex-partner, albeit with limited speech, conveying the single word: stroke.

Quick Treatment and Rehabilitation:

Paul was swiftly transported to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and later transferred to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH).

The rapid response and subsequent CT and MRI scans played a significant role in his recovery.

Initially, Paul struggled with speech and movement, but within a few days, he began regaining feeling on his right side.

Simple exercises with physiotherapists instilled hope and rekindled his determination to overcome the challenges he faced.

Dealing with Memory Loss and Persistence:

Paul’s first stroke resulted in memory loss, leaving him unaware of having a daughter named Eden.


Discovering this fact while in the hospital was a surprising and emotionally complex experience.

Despite facing frustration and difficulty during his recovery, Paul remains resilient and committed to maintaining his regular activities with his seven-year-old daughter.

Support and Partnerships for Recovery:

Paul’s workplace, Curia, a global research business in drug development, has chosen Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland as their designated charity for 2023.

The partnership aims to raise funds and support organizations like Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland that provide vital services for individuals recovering from chest, heart, and stroke conditions.

Paul Flaherty’s journey exemplifies the significance of recognizing stroke symptoms and seeking immediate medical attention.

His determination to recover and contribute to charitable initiatives underscores the resilience and strength exhibited by individuals overcoming such challenges.

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