Graham Linehan Demands Investigation into BBC and Trans Charities Following Cass Report Findings

In response to the Cass Review’s findings, Linehan urged for action against pro-trans charities like Mermaids and Stonewall, accusing them of perpetuating what he termed as “the myth of the trans child.”

He also criticized the BBC for allegedly promoting transgender ideology in children’s programming, advocating for an inquiry into its practices.

Vindication and Backlash:

Linehan expressed a sense of vindication following the Cass Review’s conclusions, which prompted NHS England to review hormone treatment for children.

Supporters on social media rallied behind Linehan with the hashtag “GlinnerWasRight,” urging his critics to reconsider their stance.

Personal Fallout and Loss:

Linehan detailed the personal toll of his advocacy, revealing strained relationships, threats, and financial insecurity resulting from his views.

His marriage of 16 years ended, and he faced ostracization within the comedy industry, culminating in a Twitter ban and the shutdown of his Edinburgh Fringe show.

Industry Response and Controversy:

Linehan’s stance on transgender issues led to professional repercussions, including the collapse of projects like the stage adaptation of Father Ted.

Colleagues distanced themselves, citing the need to dissociate from Linehan’s views, while others expressed disappointment over the situation.

Policy Implications and Recommendations:

The Cass report, authored by retired paediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass, made recommendations for improving gender care, emphasizing the need for holistic assessments and cautioning against overreliance on medical pathways for young people.

NHS England has initiated reviews and policy changes in response to the report’s findings.

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