Dream Greece Holiday Turns Nightmare: Family Contracts Illnesses from Unhygienic Resort

Dream Greece Holiday Turns Nightmare: Family Contracts Illnesses from Unhygienic Resort

Family’s Dream Greece Holiday Takes a Nightmarish Turn

A family’s long-awaited dream holiday to Greece turned into a nightmarish ordeal when they contracted rashes, ear infections, and even worms due to unsanitary conditions at their resort.

Rebecca Price, a 41-year-old mother from Bristol, embarked on this holiday with her husband and three children in search of relaxation and fun but was greeted with disappointment due to unclean facilities.

High Expectations Shattered

Rebecca had booked their 11-night stay at the four-star Evita Resort in Faliraki, Rhodes, through easyJet for just over £4,000.

She had high expectations of exquisite food and beautiful surroundings.

However, upon arrival, they were confronted with the shocking state of the resort.

An Unsanitary Oasis

Their grim discoveries included a pool that appeared “green and murky,” allowing Rebecca to write in the dirt at the bottom of it.

The accommodations were infested with ants, lacked shower doors, and suffered from inadequate facilities, such as periods of no running water in the bathrooms.

Despite its four-star rating, the hotel’s waterpark section was closed, and the food and drink options were subpar.

Health Issues Arise

The unsanitary conditions began taking a toll on the family’s health. Rebecca’s son developed a rapidly expanding rash on his back, likely triggered by their surroundings.

Another family member contracted worms, which Rebecca attributed to the lack of handwashing facilities due to intermittent running water.

Frustrations and Complaints

Rebecca repeatedly complained to the resort staff about the pool’s condition but was met with dismissive excuses, including claims that the green water was due to tree shadows and sap.

However, armed with photographic evidence of the pool’s deplorable state, Rebecca confronted the manager, leading to an apology and promises of an investigation.

Chlorine Overload and Prolonged Stay

In an attempt to rectify the situation, the resort called in a cleaning service to pour “horrendous amounts of chlorine” into the pool, inadvertently bleaching guests’ swimwear.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s son’s rash worsened, and he developed an ear infection.

Doctors advised against flying, forcing the family to endure an additional two days at the resort before returning to Bristol Airport.

Unsatisfactory Response from EasyJet

Throughout the ordeal, Rebecca also reached out to easyJet, but she was told that they were too busy to address her concerns and that she should be grateful for having a place to stay.

A Stressful and Devastating Experience

Rebecca and her family were devastated by the turn of events, particularly the unexpected extension of their stay due to her son’s illness.

Despite their complaints spanning 11 days, they felt brushed off by the hotel staff.

Awaiting Responses

Evita Resort and easyJet have been contacted for their comments on the matter but have not provided statements at this time.