Dream Holiday Turns Tragic: British Woman Paralysed in Cape Verde Faces £48,000 Medical Bills

A British woman, Charline Edwards, has experienced a nightmarish twist during what was supposed to be her dream holiday in Cape Verde.

A freak accident involving a massive wave left her paralyzed and stranded in a hospital with staggering medical bills totaling £48,000.

Beach Day Turns Tragic:

Charline, a 24-year-old sales agent from Birmingham, and her boyfriend, Callum Aston, were enjoying a day at the beach in Cape Verde when the unexpected occurred.

A massive wave knocked Charline off her feet, dragging her 20 yards out to sea before slamming her into the seabed.

The impact resulted in severe spinal nerve damage, leaving her unable to move her arms and legs.

Insurance Oversight and Financial Struggle:

Compounding the tragedy, Charline and Callum find themselves in a difficult situation as they forgot to add travel insurance to the trip, which they had acquired last minute from a colleague who couldn’t go.

Now faced with over £10,000 in hospital bills and the need for a £38,000 air ambulance to bring Charline home for specialized treatment, the couple is grappling with the financial burden of the unexpected medical expenses.

Desperate Situation in Cape Verde Hospital:

Trapped in a hospital on the island, the 24-year-old faces a challenging recovery without access to essential medical facilities.

Callum expressed concerns about the potential long-term effects of Charline’s injury due to the absence of an MRI scanner on the island to assess the extent of nerve damage.

Fundraising Efforts and Pleas for Assistance:

To alleviate the financial strain, Callum’s mother, Julie, initiated a fundraiser with a goal of £45,000 to cover Charline’s expenses.

Despite attempts to seek assistance from the British Embassy and the travel company, the family faces challenges in securing the necessary support to bring Charline back home for proper treatment.

Community Support and Urgent Need for Assistance:

As the fundraising effort gains traction, with over £9,000 raised so far, the family emphasizes the urgency of Charline’s situation.

The fear of potential paralysis looms, and immediate action is required to ensure she receives the necessary medical care unavailable on the island.


The heartbreaking story of Charline Edwards serves as a stark reminder of the unforeseen challenges that can arise during travel, underscoring the importance of comprehensive travel insurance.

The financial and emotional toll on Charline and her family highlights the need for robust support systems and emergency assistance for travelers facing unexpected medical crises abroad.

As the community rallies to contribute to the fundraiser, it becomes evident that collective efforts are crucial in providing relief and hope for those caught in such distressing circumstances.

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