FAAN Explains Relocation of Headquarters from Abuja to Lagos

FAAN’s Headquarters Move:

The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has provided clarification regarding its recent decision to relocate its headquarters from Abuja to Lagos.

This move has stirred varied reactions among Nigerians.

Reasons for the Relocation – Lack of Office Space in Abuja:

In an official statement, FAAN’s Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Obiageli Orah, expounded on the rationale behind the relocation.

Orah clarified that the decision stemmed from the unavailability of office space for FAAN in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The relocation was purportedly made after extensive consultations with FAAN stakeholders.

Statement Highlights:

The official statement emphasized several key points:

Return to Lagos Due to Lack of Office Space in Abuja:

Individuals affected by the headquarters’ relocation had returned to Lagos due to the absence of suitable office space in Abuja.

Moving the headquarters to Abuja without proper accommodation was deemed impractical from the outset.

Avoidance of DTA Expenses:

Returning to Lagos meant these employees were technically working out of station, leading to Duty Tour Allowance (DTA) expenses.

The Minister aimed to curtail unnecessary spending of public resources and prevent a financial burden on the public purse.

Utilization of Existing Building in Lagos:

The option to let the old FAAN building in Lagos deteriorate while expending resources on renting office space in Abuja was considered.

A decision was reached to continue managing the existing Lagos building, which currently accommodates all directors and senior officials.

Future Corporate Buildings and Concessionaires:

The Minister outlined plans to engage concessionaires for constructing suitable offices in both Lagos and Abuja.

The final determination of the permanent headquarters will depend on future corporate building developments.

Full Operational Offices in Abuja:

FAAN assured the public that full operational offices in Abuja remain unaffected by the headquarters’ technical decision.

Commitment to Public Interest:

FAAN affirmed its commitment to act in the best interest of the public and the country.

The Minister pledged to make decisions aligned with the nation’s welfare, prioritizing fiscal responsibility over sectional sentiments.

Conclusion – Assurance to the Public:

FAAN concluded its statement by assuring the public that it will continue to act in the best interest of the country, maintaining operational efficiency while upholding transparency in decision-making.

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