Around-the-World Cyclist’s Heartbreaking Loss: Bike Stolen After 22,500-Mile Journey

Around-the-World Cyclist’s Heartbreaking Loss: Bike Stolen After 22,500-Mile Journey

Epic 22,500-Mile Global Cycling Journey Ends in Heartbreak

Geordie Stewart, a seasoned explorer, recently completed a remarkable feat – he cycled a staggering 22,500 miles around the world, a journey that spanned 430 days.

However, this extraordinary achievement took an unexpected turn when his beloved bike was stolen from outside a pub in Hammersmith.

Theft of ‘Dorothy’ Outside a Pub

Stewart’s bike, affectionately named ‘Dorothy,’ was stolen outside the Anglesea Arms pub in Hammersmith, west London.

The theft was captured by a security camera of a nearby house, marking a heart-wrenching conclusion to an incredible journey.

A Journey That Circled the Globe

Geordie Stewart’s adventure commenced in London back in 2018. Over the course of 430 days, he pedaled through a diverse range of landscapes, traversing countries and continents.

His journey took him through France, central Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. After a long flight, he continued cycling on America’s west coast, eventually making his way to the east coast.

From there, he took a flight to Portugal and cycled back to London in 2019.

Close Calls and Incredible Resilience

Stewart’s journey was not without its challenges. Along the way, his bike, Dorothy, faced perilous situations. In Italy, it narrowly escaped being stolen at knifepoint, and Chinese police once confiscated it.

Stewart even encountered threats in the remote Australian outback. His bike had truly seen it all.

Sentimental Value Over Monetary Worth

Geordie Stewart’s determination to recover Dorothy is driven by sentimental value rather than monetary gain. He originally purchased the bike for a modest sum on eBay in 2018.

Stewart emphasized, “I’ve put the bike through every condition you can imagine, from minus 45C in Kazakhstan to 45C in California.” Dorothy had become a loyal companion throughout his incredible journey.

The Story Behind the Name ‘Dorothy’

Stewart also shared the origin of the bike’s name. He explained, “I named her Dorothy because she’s a Dawes, a British cycling brand, so I felt she needed to be British.

And Dorothy’s a character in The Wizard of Oz, and I was trying to head towards Australia, so I thought that Dorothy was fittingly British [as she is] journeying.”

Hope for Recovery

Despite not reporting the theft to the police, Stewart still clings to the hope of reuniting with his treasured bike.

He remains optimistic that he might recover Dorothy, whether through a second-hand marketplace or if a new owner recognizes its unique history and returns it to him.

A Remarkable Journey and a Bittersweet Ending

Geordie Stewart’s incredible 22,500-mile journey around the world is a testament to human determination and resilience.

While the theft of his bike, Dorothy, marks a bittersweet ending to this remarkable adventure, Stewart’s unwavering spirit and hope for recovery are a testament to the bond between an explorer and his trusted companion.