Inside Tyson Fury’s Diet Plan for His Upcoming Bout Against Francis Ngannou

Inside Tyson Fury’s Diet Plan for His Upcoming Bout Against Francis Ngannou


British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, set to face off against MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, is maintaining a disciplined diet regimen to prepare for his upcoming blockbuster bout.

His nutritionist, George Lockwood, shares insights into Fury’s daily food intake and dietary preferences.

Fury’s Dietary Discipline:

Fury, known for his towering 6ft 9in, 265-pound physique, adheres to a daily caloric intake of 2,700 to 3,200 calories. Despite his size, he’s not a big eater.

He consumes four meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner. Notable in his diet is the inclusion of black pudding, a blood sausage rich in iron, which is essential for his demanding workouts.

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition:

Fury incorporates pre- and post-workout shakes into his routine, which typically contain whey, casein, egg, soy, or pea protein.

These shakes provide essential protein sources for muscle recovery and growth. Lockwood notes that Fury’s caloric intake remains consistent for all his fights and training days.

Carb-Loading Strategy:

In preparation for intense workouts or fights, Fury engages in carb-loading, a process of consuming carbohydrates a day before.

This allows his body to store glucose for energy during exercise. Lockwood emphasizes the importance of precise timing and the choice of refined grains, such as white rice, to facilitate quick digestion.

Maintaining Performance and Lean Body:

Lockwood explains that Fury’s focus isn’t on losing weight but on enhancing performance.

Maintaining a consistent caloric intake while increasing workout intensity helps elite athletes like Fury improve their performance and achieve their desired physique.

Fury aims to weigh around 264 to 268 pounds for his upcoming fight.

Fury’s Spicy Food Affection:

Tyson Fury’s love for spicy foods, such as curry, is a constant in his dietary preferences. His affinity for heat adds flavor to his meals and aligns with his nutritional needs.

While his favorite meal varies, he consistently enjoys dishes with a spicy kick.

A Peek into Fury’s Daily Meals:

Fury’s daily food intake is a combination of unique and nutritious elements. Lockwood details the fighter’s meals, from a breakfast featuring potatoes, sausages, and black pudding to a dinner of grilled chicken with rice, peppers, and jalapeno peppers.

The trainer creatively incorporates vegetables into the meals to accommodate Fury’s preferences.

Cheat Meals and Culinary Variety:

Fury, despite his strict regimen, occasionally indulges in a cheat meal. Lockwood emphasizes that the fighter doesn’t require cheat meals given the quality of his regular diet.

While maintaining health and performance, Lockwood tailors meals to athletes’ preferences, striking a balance between taste and nutrition.


Tyson Fury’s dietary discipline, spiced with a love for fiery flavors, plays a pivotal role in his preparations for his upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou.

His nutritionist, George Lockwood, ensures that Fury’s daily food intake aligns with his performance goals, emphasizing the importance of consistent nutrition and carb-loading strategies.

Fury’s journey toward success in the boxing ring is fueled by careful dietary choices and nutritional expertise.

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