Surviving Paradise Contestant Taylor Olympios Reveals Ongoing Relationship with Shea Foster

Taylor Olympios, a contestant on “Surviving Paradise,” has confirmed that she is still dating her co-star Shea Foster, despite a tumultuous moment on the show.

The reality series sees contestants thrown into a luxurious villa, only to be immediately sent into the wilderness and tasked with making their way back to win a $100,000 cash prize.

The Rollercoaster Romance

Taylor and Shea’s romance blossomed on the show, but took a hit when Shea chose to stay in the villa while Taylor was sent back to camp during a game.

This unexpected move left Taylor questioning their compatibility and led to feelings of distrust.

Taylor’s Take on Their Relationship

In an exclusive interview, Taylor shared her perspective on their relationship, referring to it as a “situationship.”

She acknowledged the differences in their lives and how things became more challenging when they returned to their normal lives after the show.

The Relationship Status

When asked about her current relationship status with Shea, Taylor mentioned that they are not single and have plans together.

While Shea’s decision on the show created doubts, they have had multiple off-camera conversations to address their issues.

Contestants’ Surprising Decisions

The show’s finale revealed that the majority of eliminated contestants had voted for Linda Okoli to win the $100,000 prize money.

Linda chose to split the prize with her co-star Lellies Santiago, which surprised Taylor. She had expected Linda to share it with Alex Dourassof, given their close bond.

Taylor’s Impressions

Despite her frustrations about the cash prize and the challenges in her relationship with Shea, Taylor expressed satisfaction with her journey on “Surviving Paradise.”

She was initially shocked by the transition from luxury to wilderness but acknowledged her ability to adapt and survive.

Streaming on Netflix

“Surviving Paradise” is available for streaming on Net

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