Emotional Interview Part 2: Dean McDermott’s Struggle with Addiction and Near-Death Experience

Dean McDermott’s Battle with Addiction: The Night of Despair

Dean McDermott, the father-of-six, reveals the harrowing details of his long-standing struggle with addiction in the second part of his exclusive interview with DailyMail.com.

The interview delves into the night in June when Dean hit rock bottom, announcing the end of his marriage to Tori Spelling on Instagram while under the influence. This moment, fueled by alcohol and drugs, marked a turning point in Dean’s life.

A Sobering Journey: From First Drink to Near-Death Experience

The interview begins by recounting the inception of Dean’s addiction with a shot of grappa, the fiery Italian moonshine.

This first drink set the stage for a tumultuous journey that spanned over 30 years, leading Dean in and out of AA meetings and rehab. Dean, now 57 and sober, reflects on the destructive pattern of spending every evening drinking and taking pills, all while Tori and their five children shared the same household.

The Night of Reckoning: June 15 and a Cry for Help

Dean vividly recalls the night of June 15, a night that would forever be etched in his memory. He describes the final fight with Tori, fueled by his anger and intoxication, leading to the Instagram announcement of the end of their marriage.

It was a cry for help, an impulsive act that shocked Tori and devastated their children. Dean reveals the desperation that led him to swallow seven Ambien sleeping tablets, hoping not to wake up.

A Near-Death Experience and the Wake-Up Call

Dean’s near-death experience and the emotional aftermath of the Instagram post prompted him to reevaluate his life. He acknowledges that while the method was not right, it grabbed the attention of those he needed it to.

The shame and the impact on his children made him realize the need for change. Clean and sober since the summer, Dean expresses gratitude for still being alive and vows to break the cycle of addiction that has plagued his family for generations.

Life in Sobriety: From Rock Bottom to a New Beginning

After detoxing and canceling the lease on their house, Dean moved Tori and the children to a friend’s home in Pasadena. He describes the physical and emotional toll of detoxing while packing up their possessions.

The subsequent move to Harmony Place, a luxury LA rehab, and later to a sober living home marked Dean’s commitment to change. Dr. Haleh Malik, his therapist, played a crucial role in helping him rebuild his shattered life.

Rebuilding Relationships: Tori’s New Romance and Dean’s New Beginning

Despite financial struggles and limited communication with Tori, Dean expresses happiness and a sense of freedom in his new life.

He shares details about his relationship with new girlfriend Lily and acknowledges Tori’s new romance with Ryan Cramer. While admitting the initial hurt, Dean emphasizes the importance of Tori’s happiness and the well-being of their children.

Dean’s Hope for the Future: Rebuilding and Co-Parenting

Dean’s priority now is rebuilding his relationship with Tori and his children. He reflects on the love and support he received from them even during his darkest times.

With a focus on co-parenting, Dean expresses optimism about his children and Tori being proud of the positive changes he has made. He emphasizes the beauty of Tori’s character and expresses gratitude for the love and compassion she has shown throughout their 18-year relationship.

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