Ex-Mayor Eben Botha Faces Legal Battle – Denies Assault Allegations

Ex-Mayor Eben Botha Faces Legal Battle – Denies Assault Allegations

Former Beaufort West Mayor to Challenge Assault Allegations in Court

Eben Botha, the former mayor of Beaufort West and a member of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), has decided to speak out against allegations of assaulting his fiancée.

The PA removed Botha from his mayoral position following the emergence of video evidence showcasing the alleged assault.

Botha, through his attorney, vehemently denies the accusations and expresses his intention to contest them in court.

Allegations and Party Response:

The PA leader, Gayton McKenzie, addressed the matter on Facebook, confirming the allegations and revealing that video evidence had been presented to the party.

McKenzie announced the party’s decision to remove Botha from the mayoral position, emphasizing the duty to defend women against abuse.

He also hinted at Botha’s potential future in the PA, pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

Disciplinary Hearing and Future with the PA:

McKenzie detailed his meeting with Botha, highlighting the mayor’s admission to speaking inappropriately to his fiancée.

He suggested an underlying alcohol problem but stated that Botha denies physically harming her.

Botha’s future within the PA is contingent on the outcome of a disciplinary hearing, where McKenzie indicated the mayor would be removed, and the allegations thoroughly examined.

Legal Defense and Denial:

Botha’s attorney, Winston Jansen, categorically denies all assault allegations and expresses eagerness to challenge them in court.

Jansen dismisses the accusations as part of a smear campaign against his client, pledging a vigorous defense to establish Botha’s innocence.

Additionally, Jansen refutes claims of Botha having an ‘alcohol problem,’ deeming them baseless and laughable.

In conclusion, the unfolding saga involving Eben Botha brings to light a complex situation where assault allegations, party decisions, and legal defense intersect.

The statements from Botha’s attorney indicate a forthcoming legal battle to determine the truth behind the accusations.