Ex-Marine Surrenders in Fatal Chokehold Case on NYC Subway Passenger

Ex-Marine Surrenders in Fatal Chokehold Case on NYC Subway Passenger

...By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Marine Veteran Surrenders on Manslaughter Charge

Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old former US Marine Corps veteran, has turned himself in on a manslaughter charge following a fatal chokehold incident on a New York City subway.


The charge could potentially result in a 15-year prison sentence.

Manhattan prosecutors made the announcement of the criminal charge after the death of Jordan Neely, a 30-year-old individual, on May 1. Mr. Penny voluntarily surrendered himself at a Manhattan police station on Friday morning.

Analysis and Commentary:

The decision of Daniel Penny, the ex-Marine, to surrender himself demonstrates a sense of responsibility and accountability.

By turning himself in, he is taking the necessary legal steps to address the charges brought against him.

The manslaughter charge signifies the seriousness of the incident and its potential consequences for Mr. Penny’s future.

Controversy Surrounding Mental Health, Crime, and Vigilantism

The death of Mr. Neely, captured on video by a freelance journalist, has sparked widespread concern and debate on various issues.

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Among these are the treatment of individuals with mental illness within the transit system and the city, as well as broader discussions on crime and vigilantism.

The incident has drawn attention to the need for improved mental health support and a comprehensive approach to public safety.

Analysis and Commentary:

This incident brings to light the challenges faced by individuals with mental illness and the importance of providing appropriate care and resources.

The tragedy also raises questions about the role of bystanders and the responsibility of law enforcement in managing such situations.

The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding mental health and the need for comprehensive solutions that address both individual needs and public safety concerns.

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Defense Claims Self-Defense; Background of the Victim

Mr. Penny’s legal team has asserted that he acted in self-defense when restraining Mr. Neely. Witnesses report that Mr. Neely, who was Black, had been screaming and asking for money on the train but had not engaged in physical altercations with anyone.

Mr. Penny, who is white, was initially questioned by the police but released without charges.

Friends of Mr. Neely have disclosed his struggles with homelessness and mental illness in recent years, along with previous arrests, including an assault incident in 2021.


Analysis and Commentary:

The defense’s argument of self-defense raises questions about the proportionality of force used in response to Mr. Neely’s behavior.

The case draws attention to potential racial dynamics and biases, highlighting the need for a fair and impartial examination of the circumstances.

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The background information on Mr. Neely underscores the challenges faced by individuals dealing with homelessness and mental health issues.

It underscores the importance of providing support systems to address the underlying causes of such behaviors.


The surrender of Daniel Penny in response to the manslaughter charge marks a significant development in the case.

The incident has ignited discussions surrounding mental health, crime, and vigilantism, emphasizing the need for comprehensive approaches to public safety.

The defense’s claim of self-defense and the background of the victim introduce complex factors that will be further examined during the legal process.

Ultimately, this case serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health challenges, promoting understanding, and ensuring justice is served.


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