Retired Accountant Convicted for YouTube Hate Campaign Against Neighbors

Retired Accountant Convicted for YouTube Hate Campaign Against Neighbors

A retired accountant, Noelle Obcarskas, is facing possible jail time after a YouTube hate campaign against her neighbors, fueled by disputes over parking, littering, Brexit, and even her own pet turkeys.

The 64-year-old posted a series of bizarre videos online, capturing explosive altercations with those living in her community.

Turkeys at “Cluckingham Palace”

Obcarskas maintained an eccentric front garden at her townhouse, which she aptly named “Cluckingham Palace.”

Her three pet turkeys, including one named Tom, became a point of contention among neighbors due to the noise and smell they generated.

Explosive Confrontations

The conflict escalated as Obcarskas posted videos of herself berating her neighbors, including company director John McKimmie, 40, who she referred to as a “little fat bully with a skivvy wife.”

In one Facebook post, she described him in derogatory terms, sparking outrage within the community.

Verbal Sparring and Online Attacks

In her online campaign, Obcarskas targeted Gareth Lloyd, 73, who had complained about the turkeys’ odor. She resorted to name-calling, using offensive language against both Lloyd and McKimmie, alleging that they silenced women in the neighborhood.

The disputes extended to parking conflicts and personal insults.

Allegations of Prejudice

Obcarskas, of Lithuanian heritage, claimed that she was targeted because of her background, labeling her neighbors as “lying Brexiteers with possible pre senile dementia” on social media.

She even created a Facebook group to further disparage them.

Legal Proceedings

The retired accountant faced a trial at Chester magistrates court for harassment between March and May of the previous year. However, she failed to attend the trial, citing COVID-19 as the reason. The court proceeded in her absence, and a warrant for her arrest was issued.

Potential Consequences

If convicted, Obcarskas could face up

to 12 weeks in jail, as per sentencing guidelines. This case follows a previous fine of £180 for threatening behavior in a similar incident in 2021.

Deteriorating Relations

Neighbors who had initially enjoyed a positive relationship with Obcarskas saw it deteriorate due to her abusive behavior and her acquisition of the controversial turkeys.

The conflict had a significant impact on the community’s quality of life.

Community’s Reaction

John McKimmie, one of the targeted neighbors, expressed relief at the court’s decision, hoping for an end to the harassment.

He emphasized the importance of justice for his family.

Obcarskas’ Perspective

Noelle Obcarskas defended herself, stating that the conflicts were rooted in toadyism and Brexit, fueled by a couple of individuals seeking attention.

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