Barton Carnival Committee Resurrects ‘Lamb National’ Race Loved by Royalty Amid Animal Rights Uproar

Barton Carnival Committee Resurrects ‘Lamb National’ Race Loved by Royalty Amid Animal Rights Uproar

Amidst heated debate, the Barton Carnival Committee has decided to proceed with the ‘Lamb National’ race, a beloved tradition that garnered royal laughter in the past.

Despite facing criticism from animal rights activists, carnival organizers assert that the sheep participating in the event would have otherwise been destined for the food chain.

Controversial Cancellation and U-Turn: The Backstory

Initially met with excitement, the ‘Lamb National’ race faced a significant backlash from animal rights advocates, resulting in its cancellation.

However, the carnival committee has now reversed its decision, emphasizing that the sheep involved are sourced from auctions where they would have otherwise been destined for consumption.

Public Backlash and Committee Response: Trolling Takes a Toll

The Barton Carnival Committee, comprised of volunteers, found themselves at the center of a social media storm, facing online abuse and accusations of animal abuse.

Committee chairman Ben Troop acknowledges the unexpected level of backlash, citing personal attacks and an influx of negative messages.

Committee’s Perspective: Assessing Animal Welfare and Public Feedback

In response to the outcry, the carnival committee issued a statement on Facebook, expressing confidence in the treatment of the animals and dismissing claims of animal abuse.

They argue that careful consideration, along with documentation from the event organizer, Bob Hogg, assures them that the ‘Lamb National’ does not amount to mistreatment.

Reviving the Royal Laughter: Recreating the Magic

Inspired by the laughter generated during the 2015 Lamb National held at Royal Ascot, the Barton Carnival Committee aims to recreate the magic in rural Lincolnshire.

Despite the controversy, the committee plans to stage the event alongside other attractions such as fire eaters, a dog show, and live music during the town’s summer carnival.

Bob Hogg’s Role: Sheep Racing for Entertainment

The ‘Lamb National’ race is organized by Bob Hogg events, charging £1,850 for two races.

The carnival committee defends the event, maintaining that the sheep are treated well, and the race is a form of entertainment rather than animal cruelty.

PETA’s Opposition: Concerns Over Animal Consent

Animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has been vocal in their opposition to the ‘Lamb National’ event, arguing that the lambs cannot provide consent for the races.

They draw parallels between the sheep race and the ethical concerns associated with animals in circuses.

Conclusion: Carnival Proceeds Amidst Controversy

Despite facing a barrage of criticism and calls for cancellation, the Barton Carnival Committee stands firm in their decision to revive the ‘Lamb National,’ setting the stage for a summer event that promises a mix of entertainment and controversy.

The ongoing debate surrounding animal rights and entertainment remains at the forefront of this carnival spectacle.

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