Notting Hill Carnival: How To Avoid The Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival: How To Avoid The Carnival


Do you wish to avoid the Carnival because you live in Notting Hill? As homes are boarded up before “millions” come for the weekend event, the council advises travelling to the coast to avoid the West London Festival.

The borough has advised residents who are boarding up their homes before the’millions’ arrive at Notting Hill Carnival to ‘enjoy a seaside break’ if they don’t like the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the event.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is providing older residents of the affluent London neighbourhood with a free beach vacation in Eastbourne so they may avoid the crush of visitors.

To go to a hotel where senior locals can stay from Saturday through Tuesday, the journey includes a coach travel that takes more than three and a half hours each way.

This means that the elderly in the area will leave before the festivities get underway and return after Notting Hill has been cleaned up as part of the scheme, which has been in existence for more than 20 years and is operated in partnership with Age UK.


“The Carnival brings people from all places to enjoy and celebrate the rich culture and diversity in the borough, and we’re happy to support the event, but we also respect that the noise and crowds are not for everyone,” said Emma Will, Lead Member for Culture, Leisure and Community Safety at RBKC.

Once again, we are honoured to partner with Age UK to plan a trip for our senior citizens so they may take a break at the beach over the long weekend.

Priority is given to individuals who have been before and whose health the carnival’s throng might influence.

The news comes as several local property owners have been spotted boarding up their buildings because the once-joyous occasion frequently devolves into violence and chaos.

At the funfair the previous year, police made 209 arrests for crimes such as criminal trespass, simple assault, drug possession, and possession of an offensive weapon.


TKorStretch, also known as the drill rapper Along with being sexually abused by two female police officers, Takayo Nembhard, 21, was also fatally stabbed.

The three-and-a-half mile parade with its vibrant floats and performers is a very popular event that has previously been known to draw an astounding 2 million spectators.

From 6 a.m. on Sunday, August 28, to 6 a.m. on Tuesday, August 30, it will shut down a sizable portion of west London.

Residents in the neighbourhood have taken precautions owing to the repercussions, with one confessing she is “frightened” of it.

The front of her building and her front door are used as latrines, and trash is thrown over her fence, according to Munian Barakat, a local resident who is originally from Palestine.


It’s really dangerous, so that’s why I requested the neighbours to erect the wooden barriers, she explained.

I am an elderly woman.

This year’s funfair is being held at the home of Ms Barakat’s daughter, but she is concerned she might return to find her ‘house wrecked or the windows broken’.

‘There’s too much noise when the funfair comes by, and it might be unsettling,’ she continued.

It is a mess.


On occasion, drunk people will physically assault one another.

As the funfair gets underway, the Met Police issued guidance to help attendees’stay safe’.

In a speech that was posted on social media, DAC Alison Heydari gave advice to follow the crowd and make plans to meet up with friends and family rather than relying solely on their phones.

She went on to say that attendees should always keep their stuff close by, refrain from bringing their cars to the funfair and pre-plan their itineraries.

Even businesses in the region are being paid to board up their buildings.


Property boarding up also isn’t cheap; wine bar manager Luigi Gaudio shelled out a hefty £1,500 to secure his shop.

He noted that after the wooden boards are up, the council commissions local artists to spray-paint them.

‘We have extremely visible police presence inside the area of Notting Hill with the #NottingHillCarnival23 this weekend,’ the Met Police tweeted ahead of the carnival’s start tomorrow.

Enjoy the funfair responsibly, and if something doesn’t feel right, talk to a police officer or safety steward or call 999 in case of an emergency.

Along with illegal activity, there was a severe crush at the festival last year that locked ‘helpless’ police next to revellers, causing them to press their panic buttons and leaving their colleagues dreading ‘another Hillsborough’.


Videos posted on social media starting on August 29, 2022 showed a huge crowd gathering on Ladbroke Grove that had grown to frightening proportions.

Police officials at the site were helpless because of the turmoil, and frantic partygoers could be seen climbing over the rails to get away from the approaching crowd.

According to the Times, the situation had gotten so bad that the Territorial Support Group had called in an emergency and warned that people were “getting crushed to death.”

On social media, one partygoer wrote: “I was right in the middle, thought I was going to die.”

I’m not going to lie; I just had to follow the crowd.


Another person wrote, “Nearly died in this.”

The DJ halted the music and requested for aid, but was ignored, so we warned the cops to cut it off from one of the floats, but they waited until it got that terrible.

The public yelled at the cops to call for help to the place where they were.

We were disregarded.

Chris Hobbs, a veteran Metropolitan police officer, claimed that after seeing the crush, Hillsborough sprang to mind.


I observed the police helpless amid them.

The possibility of another Hillsborough is the bigger issue than the violence, he continued.

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