ETMONEY Opens Complete Access to Genius, a Premium Membership Service that Delivers Personalized Investing Intelligence for Winning Investment Outcomes

ETMONEY Opens Complete Access to Genius, a Premium Membership Service that Delivers Personalized Investing Intelligence for Winning Investment Outcomes

ETMONEY, India’s leading investment platform had recently revealed a one-of-its-kind membership that will provide personalized investing intelligence to help investors manage their wealth better.

In today’s time when record number of people are using digital platforms to invest across Stocks & Mutual Funds, ETMONEY Genius fills a big gap that retail investors struggle with when it comes to decision making around evaluating investment products, portfolio construction, review & management.

ETMONEY Genius uses a proprietary quant investing model that uses dynamic asset allocation strategy to construct diversified portfolio of equities, debt & gold with an aim of building portfolios that have demonstrated to fall less & gain more.

For the first time, such kind of service is being made available to retail investors at a flat monthly subscription fee when almost all wealth managers offer investment advisory on a AUM-based fee model.

ETMONEY Genius will offer monthly rebalancing feature that will make rebalancing portfolios extremely convenient.

It offers 6 investment strategies that Investors can choose to execute via investing in a portfolio of index funds or opt to invest in portfolio of Stocks & ETFs.

Investors won’t be required to open a separate demat account & can work using their existing demat accounts and brokers.

ETMONEY will also be assessing risk appetite of investors before recommending any portfolios.

ETMONEY Genius intends to bring about a change of impulsive investing behaviors people are exhibiting on investment platforms & assist investors to build holistic investment strategies for their short, medium, and long-term goals.

Moreover, ETMONEY Genius will enable its members to manage all their money with focused approach instead of randomly buying funds, IPOs, NFOs or individual stocks & crowding the portfolio with 10s & 100s of instruments.

While Genius had been available to a controlled group of existing ETMONEY users since last couple of weeks & for over 3 months within the employee set, it is being launched publicly for investors across the country only today.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukesh Kalra, CEO ETMONEYsaid, “With ETMONEY Genius, we have taken a giant step forward towards offering a customised and personalized investment experience to our customers.

ETMONEY Genius portfolios ensure smart risk management to maximize returns for one’s risk appetite, something that has been inaccessible to average retail investors.

With Genius, we are introducing a whole new investment paradigm for our customers and hope to unfold the next chapter in wealth management in India.

“Membership to Genius is priced monthly & billed quarterly.

For just Rs.

249 per month, investors get unlimited access to all investment portfolios recommended to them & can manage unlimited assets & make unlimited transactions too.

This aligns with investor’s interest as ETMONEY will recommend investments, profit booking or altogether exit without having to have a conflict via AUM-based fee model that’s prevalent in the industry.

As a part of launch festivities, ETMONEY is offering innovative introductory pricing where right from day 1 of launch until day 6, pricing will keep going up incrementally each day.

The price only for Feb 9 is announced at Rs.

49 per month which investors can enjoy for whole first year subscription period.

About ETMONEYETMONEY is Indias fastest growing investment and wealth management platform with a total of over USD 3bn worth of investments under management.

In less than 5 years, ETMONEY has built a solid customer base of over 10 million users across 1400 cities.

The platform has been pioneers in building industry-first technical solutions like paperless video KYC for MF investments, the country’s first Aadhar-based SIP payment feature, amongst others.

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