Essure Coil Lawsuit: Women Share Heart-Wrenching Stories of Physical and Mental Agony

More than 200 women who have experienced severe ‘crippling pain’ after having the Essure contraceptive coil implanted can now pursue legal action against its manufacturer.

This ruling comes as lawyers representing these women argue that the coil has caused irreversible physical and mental damage.

The manufacturer, German company Bayer, has indicated its intention to defend itself against these claims.

The Essure coil, a metal device designed to prevent pregnancy by insertion into a woman’s fallopian tubes, was withdrawn from the UK market in 2017.

Complications and Suffering

Several women have reported enduring constant pain and various complications after having the Essure coil fitted, including heavy bleeding.

These complications have prompted some women to have the device removed prematurely or undergo hysterectomies.

While the UK’s medicines regulator asserted that there are no safety risks associated with the device, those who have experienced devastating effects have now won the right to initiate a group lawsuit against Bayer.

Voices of Affected Women

Women who are not directly involved in the lawsuit have also come forward to share their experiences with Essure.

Colette Masters, for example, had the Essure coil implanted approximately eight years ago and is currently awaiting its removal.

She expressed frustration with her doctors, who attributed her symptoms to her age, emphasizing the need for accountability and recognition of women’s concerns.

Another woman, Amy Speers, shared her ordeal, detailing how the procedure left her in chronic agony despite assurances of minimal pain during insertion.

She eventually underwent a hysterectomy after enduring five years of excruciating pain and health complications.

Pain and Desperation

Laura Linkson, implanted with Essure in 2013, described the pain as so severe that it led her to contemplate suicide, rendered her immobile, and made her feel like a burden to her family.

Victoria Dethier, who received the implant in 2012, suffered for three years before opting for a hysterectomy in 2015 to remove the device.

Both women shared their experiences on Victoria Derbyshire’s program in 2017.

Understanding Essure

Essure is a permanent birth control method that involves inserting a tube into a woman’s fallopian tubes.

It is non-hormonal and promotes the development of scar tissue to prevent eggs from reaching the womb.

Despite claims of 99.3 percent effectiveness when used as the sole contraception method, it has been associated with various side effects, including pain, allergic reactions, and device migration.

Manufacturer’s Response

Deborah Chalk, who experienced severe symptoms after having the Essure coil inserted, described her ordeal, including headaches, abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, rashes, itching, and mood changes.

Bayer, the company responsible for the coil, emphasized that the device had undergone ten clinical trials.

The company expressed sympathy for those experiencing health problems but defended the safety profile and effectiveness of Essure.

They maintained that the claims brought in litigation were without merit and pledged to vigorously defend themselves, citing a positive benefit-risk profile compared to other permanent birth control options.

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