Enhancing Governance through CitizensGate 2.0 Sensitization Program for Health Sector Leaders

Enhancing Governance through CitizensGate 2.0 Sensitization Program for Health Sector Leaders


In a persistent pursuit of advancing effective governance, the Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) orchestrated a one-day sensitization program aimed at Permanent Secretaries and Chief Executive Officers within the Public Health Sector.

This initiative aimed to provide comprehensive familiarity with the CitizensGate 2.0 (CGv2) Application while enlisting these leaders as back-end users.

Fostering Awareness for Health Sector Enhancement

The event, held recently at the Lagos State Ministry of Health Conference Room in Alausa Ikeja, convened participants to delve into the core objectives of the sensitization program.

Engr. Abiola Kosegbe, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Civic Engagement, highlighted the essential nature of familiarizing the Health sector with the CitizensGate 2.0 Application.

This necessity stemmed from the health reform efforts undertaken by the current administration, which led to the establishment of six distinct Health Districts, each headed by a Permanent Secretary.


Purpose and Scope of the Program

Engr. Kosegbe emphasized that the program’s primary objective was to garner unwavering support for the CitizensGate application.

This goal aligns with the overarching aim of facilitating collaborative utilization of the platform across the entire Health Sector.

The program also sought to acquaint the recently appointed Permanent Secretaries of Health Districts with the core mandate of the Office of Civic Engagement.

This mandate prominently includes the CitizensGate mechanism, functioning as a conduit for feedback between the Government and citizens.

It further facilitates interactions with various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) to ensure effective dissemination of government policies at the grassroots level.


Innovations in Accessibility and Communication

Engr. Kosegbe also disclosed ongoing efforts to integrate a toll-free telephone number into the platform.

This innovation aims to offer Lagos residents the opportunity to engage with the platform through phone calls, thereby enabling inquiries, complaints, and feedback on governmental policies and initiatives.

Operational Insight and User Navigation

The Office of Civic Engagement provided a practical demonstration of the application’s operational features, encompassing the dashboard contents, ticketing system, and back-end modules.

This demonstration aimed to equip users with a clear understanding of the platform’s functionalities, empowering them to effectively resolve issues related to their respective MDAs.

Distinguished Attendees and Collaborative Efforts

The event witnessed the presence of notable individuals, including Dr. Olusegun Ogboye from the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mustapha Ibrahim from the Lagos State Primary Health Care Board (LSPHCB), and other leaders heading various Primary Healthcare Districts.


Their participation underscored the collaborative commitment to enhancing healthcare delivery within the state.

Wide-ranging Participation from Key Organizations

The event garnered participation from Directors of the Office of Civic Engagement, representatives from Lagos State Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS), Resolvers from Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Primary Health Care Board (PHCB), and Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA).

Notably, consultants from AppliStructure Consulting Limited, Mr. Michael Chizoba, Instant Projects, Mr. Idowu Thompson, and Mr. Tokunbo Macaulay, as well as Dr. Ajibola Meraiyebu from Gerocare, were also present, demonstrating the broad collaboration and expertise involved in this initiative.

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