Emmerdale’s Gail Loman Reveals Hidden Secret About Her 13-Year-Old Son’s Health and Offers to Be Bone Marrow Donor

Emmerdale’s Gail Loman Reveals Hidden Secret About Her 13-Year-Old Son’s Health and Offers to Be Bone Marrow Donor

Emmerdale’s character, Gail Loman (portrayed by Rachael Gill-Davis), had been concealing a significant secret that was recently unveiled.

This villager had kept a 13-year-old son named Oscar hidden from her partner, Ryan Stocks (played by James Moore), who happens to be the father of her child.

The revelation began when Gail received a clandestine phone call during recent episodes of the ITV soap, leading to a mysterious meeting with a newcomer.

Meeting with a Mysterious Figure

In the latest hour-long episode, Gail met with a woman named Sophie at the Allotment, a meeting that left her visibly shaken.

During their conversation, Sophie disclosed some distressing news—that someone named Oscar required a transplant for Aplastic anemia.

Subsequently, it was unveiled that Oscar is Gail’s son, born over a decade ago with Ryan.

Sophie told Gail that her son Oscar is unwell and needs a transplant

Gail’s Decision to Become a Donor

Sophie further revealed that she was not a match for Oscar but agreed to undergo testing to become a bone marrow donor.

Gail was perplexed by the fact that the hospital knew she was not Oscar’s biological mother.

Sophie clarified the situation, admitting to a lie: “Yeah, but I lied. I told them we kept in touch.

“If they find out today is the first time we met or that I traced you, it’s not allowed.

“I’d be in serious trouble.”

Gail reassured her, saying, “It’s okay. I won’t land you in it.”

Sophie then divulged more about Oscar’s background: “They just know that you’re Oscar’s biological mother and that I adopted him when he was a few weeks old.”

An inquisitive Gail asked about Oscar’s well-being, to which Sophie responded, “Yeah, he’s keeping positive. He doesn’t let things get to him.

“It won’t get him down; he’s doing things for other people.”

Ryan Stocks is unaware Gail gave birth to their son

Commitment to Helping Oscar

However, the conversation became overwhelming for Gail, who expressed her need to return to work. But she requested Sophie’s commitment to stay in touch regarding the test.

Sophie apologized, acknowledging that she was already asking a lot but mentioned the need to test Oscar’s dad, Ryan Stocks, in case Gail was not a match.

She explained that Ryan’s name was on the birth certificate but emphasized her intent to speak with Gail first before trying to trace him.

Gail, displaying her commitment to the situation, assured Sophie, “I’m sure it won’t come to that.

“If there’s anyone who’s going to donate, it should be me, but let’s see if I’m a match first.

“There’s no need to look for Ryan just yet. We’ll get Oscar through this together, I promise.”

Appointment Booked for Gail

Upon returning to The Woolpack, Gail received a text from Sophie, notifying her that an appointment had been scheduled for Gail to visit the hospital and determine if she was a suitable match for the transplant.

Emmerdale Continues

Emmerdale airs on ITV1 weeknights at 7.30pm, and this revelation in Gail’s storyline promises to bring further drama and emotional depth to the show.


This narrative provides a concise summary of a significant plot development in Emmerdale involving Gail Loman’s hidden secret—a 13-year-old son named Oscar—and her commitment to help him in a bone marrow transplant.

It captures the key moments and conversations that unfolded in the episode, shedding light on the character dynamics and future developments in the storyline.

Emmerdale fans can expect more dramatic twists as this secret unfolds.

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