FRSC Issues Warning to Road Users Ahead of Ember Months

FRSC Urges Vigilance in Ember Months to Prevent Accidents

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic regulations, particularly during the ember months.

The warning came from FRSC zonal commander, ACM. Godwin Omiko, during the inauguration of The Ember Month campaign at the investment motor park in Dutse, Jigawa State.

Increased Accidents During Ember Months

ACM. Godwin Omiko highlighted that the ember months are notorious for increased vehicular movements, which often lead to tragic loss of lives and property due to motor accidents.

Major Causes: Overspeeding and Overloading

One of the key factors contributing to accidents in Nigeria is overspeeding and overloading. These reckless behaviors put road users at significant risk.

FRSC’s Efforts Towards Road Safety

Despite the challenges, the FRSC has been actively working to reduce road traffic crashes by launching massive campaigns against the violation of traffic rules.

A Persistent Effort for Road Safety

ACM. Godwin Omiko stressed the FRSC’s commitment to public education and promoting responsible road use ethics in Nigeria.

Road traffic crashes have had a detrimental impact, leading to a 5% loss in the country’s GDP.

The Dangers of Overspeeding and Overloading

The commander underlined that overspeeding compromises a driver’s control over the vehicle, increasing the likelihood of a traffic crash.

Overloading, on the other hand, creates instability during motion, exerting excessive pressure on the vehicle’s tires.

Ember Months: A Call for Responsible Road Use

In conclusion, ACM. Godwin Omiko urged all road users to diligently observe and abide by traffic rules and regulations to ensure safe travel during the ember months and beyond.