Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson: A Love Story Between a Hollywood Star and an Aristocrat

Sophie Turner Dating Aristocrat Peregrine Pearson

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has been spotted kissing aristocrat Peregrine Pearson, the eldest son and heir of Viscount Cowdray.

Pearson’s family has a net worth of over £224 million.

Pearson Is Heir to a Sprawling Estate in West Sussex

Pearson’s ancestral estate in West Sussex includes a sprawling mansion with 22 bedrooms, 16,500 acres of grounds, and 10 polo pitches.

The estate is also home to Cowdray Park Polo Club, which hosts the annual Gold Cup, one of polo’s most prestigious European events.

Pearson’s Family Fortune Comes from the Pearson Media Empire

Pearson’s father, Viscount Cowdray, is a former film producer who owns a significant chunk of the Pearson media empire. Pearson himself has a £5 million pad in Chelsea.

Pearson’s Ex-Girlfriend Is the Goddaughter of King Charles

Pearson was previously dating Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, a 27-year-old model who is the goddaughter of King Charles. The couple split in September 2023 after “growing apart”.

Turner and Pearson Were Spotted Kissing in Paris

Turner and Pearson were spotted kissing on the streets of Paris in November 2023. They were attending the Rugby World Cup together.


Sophie Turner is dating aristocrat Peregrine Pearson, the heir to a £224 million family fortune. Pearson’s family owns a sprawling estate in West Sussex and has a stake in the Pearson media empire. Pearson’s ex-girlfriend is the goddaughter of King Charles.

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