Elderly couple ‘EVICTED’ from their home of 20 years after ‘their son transferred ownership behind their backs’

A Shocking Eviction An elderly couple in California has faced eviction from the home they had lived in for over two decades. Ismael and Angelita Ramirez found themselves in this predicament when, in April 2023, they were served with an eviction notice. What makes this situation even more distressing is the fact that the couple’s own son had transferred ownership of the home without their knowledge.

Decades of Payments The Ramirez couple had faithfully and regularly paid $700 a month toward their Fresno home. This residence had been their haven for twenty years. However, their peaceful existence was disrupted when a woman who had acquired ownership of the property decided to sell it.

Ownership Transfer Deception The story takes a tragic turn when it is revealed that the Ramirez’s had initially bought the house in 2003 with the assistance of their son and another individual. At the time, they faced language barriers and couldn’t communicate in English. Unfortunately, their names were never officially registered on the deed, and their son signed as the sole owner. This fact was concealed from them, as Ismael recounted: “He told us… it wasn’t necessary. And well, since we don’t know English, that’s where they lied to us.”

The Emotional Impact The emotional turmoil endured by the elderly couple is palpable. They couldn’t fathom why their own son would take such a drastic step. Ismael expressed their confusion, saying, “We thought, why did our boy do that to us if he knew the house was ours?”

Legal Help Eludes Them Despite their dire circumstances, the Ramirez’s have struggled to find legal assistance. Lawyers, upon learning that the property was originally in their son’s name, have been reluctant to take on their case. This leaves the couple feeling powerless in their fight to keep their beloved home.

Community Support The story of Ismael and Angelita Ramirez has garnered attention on social media, where their plight has touched the hearts of many. Their daughter has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support them during this trying time. As of now, the campaign has raised $30,170, with a goal set at $45,000. The couple’s story serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by elderly individuals, even within their own families.

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