Nigerian Couple Makes a Splash with Powder Celebration for New Car Ownership

Lovebirds’ Unconventional Celebration:

A young Nigerian couple has captured social media attention with their unconventional celebration of purchasing a new car. The couple, believed to be deeply in love, marked the special occasion by making it “rain powder” in a joyous and unique manner.

Powder-filled Celebration Video:

The celebratory video showcased the young man holding a large roll of powder, which he enthusiastically sprayed on both himself and his beautiful girlfriend.

The caption of the video read, ‘Congratulations to us babe, God did it. We are now car owners.’ The girl is seen hugging her boyfriend tightly during the lively celebration.

Social Media Applause:

The video quickly garnered attention on social media, with many users extending their congratulations in various ways.

One user, moses Tracy, playfully commented, “Congratulations on ur front sit bby girl,” expressing joy for the couple’s achievement. Others, like FAvy and chiomzy, joined in the celebration, expressing well-wishes and anticipating more keys to come.

Diverse Reactions:

The reactions to the video were diverse, with some users, such as Water goddess, foreseeing more congratulations on the way. However, not everyone shared the same sentiment, as seen in comments like Akorede’s questioning the necessity of the powder in the celebration.

Social Media Buzz:

The celebratory post created a buzz on social media, with the couple’s joyous moment resonating with viewers. The comments section reflects a mix of excitement, blessings, and a touch of humor as netizens engage with the unique celebration.


The lovebirds’ unconventional and vibrant celebration of their new car purchase showcases the diverse ways people express joy and achievement.

The social media reactions underscore the power of shared moments, turning a simple celebration into a widely appreciated event.

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