Elder Statesman Urges Focus on Governors for Socioeconomic Development, Highlights Neglected Niger Delta Region

Elder Statesman Urges Focus on Governors for Socioeconomic Development, Highlights Neglected Niger Delta Region

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media. Elder statesman Edwin Clark has called on Nigerians to shift their attention from the Federal Government to the governors within the federation.


According to Clark, the socioeconomic development of the people primarily lies in the hands of the governors.

Evaluation of Past Administrations and the Niger Delta Region

During an interview with Arise TV, Clark stated that it is premature to judge the administration of Tinubu, but he noted that previous administrations have not significantly improved the situation.

Despite the allocation of 13% from oil revenue to the Niger Delta region, Clark observed that the states in the area remain underdeveloped, and the government has neglected their progress.

Neglected Development in the Niger Delta Region

Clark emphasized that the Niger Delta region is responsible for the majority of Nigeria’s oil production, yet it has not witnessed substantial development.

He expressed concern over the worsening conditions in the area, citing a decline in wealth and deteriorating infrastructure.

Clark highlighted issues such as poorly equipped schools, inadequate teachers, lack of proper development, and environmental degradation.


Failed Promises and Mismanagement of Oil Revenue

Reflecting on the past, Clark discussed the promises made in 1998 to address the challenges faced by the Niger Delta region.

He lamented the lack of progress resulting from those commitments and the mismanagement of funds allocated for development.

Clark criticized the federal government for not holding the governors accountable, suggesting that they have been embezzling the funds intended for the region’s progress.

Governors’ Enrichment and Call for Accountability

Clark raised concerns about the increasing wealth of governors, surpassing the economic growth of their respective states.

He questioned the utilization of the allocated 13% and called for greater transparency and accountability from the governors in managing the funds.

Clark implied that focusing on the actions of the governors would provide a clearer understanding of the challenges faced by the people, rather than solely blaming the federal government.


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