Eko Hotel Staff’s Act of Integrity Leads to Canadian Permanent Residency Offer

Eko Hotel Staff’s Act of Integrity Leads to Canadian Permanent Residency Offer

A staff member at Eko Hotel and Suites, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, came across a bag containing a substantial amount of $70,000 that had been misplaced by a guest.


Instead of keeping it for herself, she immediately reported the discovery to her superiors.

Hotel’s Response to the Incident

Upon learning of Mary’s find, the hotel’s General Manager adhered to the institution’s principles of honesty and transparency.

Without hesitation, measures were put in place to ensure the returned sum reached its rightful owner.

Ngozi’s Big Announcement

During a segment in the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD) service on Tuesday morning, Ngozi shared exhilarating news: she was granted Permanent Residency in Canada.


International Acknowledgment of Her Deed

Ngozi’s act of integrity didn’t just earn her respect locally but also caught the attention of an international organization.

Recognizing her honesty and her fluency in French, they contacted her.

Touched by her story, which had become viral, this organization offered to facilitate her Canadian Permanent Residency process without any fees.

Local Commendations for Ngozi

But that wasn’t all.

Ngozi recounted how her local government chairman, moved by her show of integrity, arranged for her to travel to Port Harcourt.


There, she was treated to a stay in one of the city’s premier hotels.

Furthermore, she was honored with an ambassadorial award, and a building in her hometown now bears her name.

As a tribute to her outstanding character, she was also conferred with a chieftaincy title in her village.

Ngozi’s Own Words

Reflecting on her unexpected rewards, Ngozi said, “An International Organisation called me since they know I speak French, they called me because they want to do Canada PR for me for free.

My local government chairman flew me down to Port Harcourt, lodged me in one of the biggest hotels, gave me an ambassador award and named a building after me.


In my village, they gave me a chieftaincy title.”

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