Eight British Tourists Arrested After Violent Brawl at Majorca Beach Club Leaves Three Injured

Eight British Tourists Arrested After Violent Brawl at Majorca Beach Club Leaves Three Injured

Eight British male tourists on a stag party were arrested after a violent altercation at the Balneario Illetas beach club restaurant in Calvia, Majorca.

The incident occurred around 7:30 PM on Wednesday evening, leaving a waiter and two police officers injured. The altercation has prompted local authorities to take a firm stance against such disruptions.

Injuries and Arrests

The brawl resulted in a waiter being struck in the head and two police officers sustaining injuries while attempting to intervene.

The British tourists, believed to be in their early thirties, were reportedly intoxicated and behaving disruptively by throwing rubbish and cans of lager into the sea.

Their aggressive response to a waiter’s request to stop this behavior escalated into physical violence.

Official Response

Calvia Council swiftly condemned the actions of the tourists, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining public safety and protecting the municipality’s image. A council spokesperson stated, “We will be inflexible with individuals who threaten the security of our municipality and tarnish our reputation.”

Deputy Mayor Esperanza Catala reinforced this message, urging such tourists to choose different destinations if they cannot behave appropriately.

Footage and Public Reaction

Footage of the brawl has emerged, showing security guards and restaurant staff struggling to contain the rowdy group.

In the background, reggaeton music plays as women can be heard screaming for the violence to stop. The video also captures a woman and a security guard being knocked to the ground.

Bystanders expressed their shock, with one person heard saying, “I just can’t believe it.”

Legal Consequences

Following the incident, the British tourists were pictured in handcuffs, seated on steps near the beach club before being escorted away by police.

Seven restaurant customers and sunbathers have already pressed charges against the tourists for their violent behavior.

The council’s firm response aims to deter similar incidents in the future, with Catala stating, “We are not going to let them get away with anything.”

Broader Context of Anti-Tourism Sentiment

This brawl in Majorca comes amid ongoing anti-tourism protests on the island. Locals have grown increasingly frustrated with the disruptions caused by holidaymakers, leading to significant public demonstrations.

Last Saturday, around 15,000 people marched through Palma, holding placards with messages such as “tourists go home” and heckling foreign visitors dining out.

Impact on Majorca’s Tourism Industry

The incident and the broader anti-tourism sentiment reflect growing tensions between locals and the influx of tourists, particularly those who engage in unruly behavior. Majorca, a popular tourist destination, relies heavily on tourism for its economy.

However, the negative impact of such incidents on the local community’s quality of life and the island’s image is prompting authorities to reconsider their approach to managing tourism.

Moving Forward

Local authorities in Majorca are determined to crack down on disruptive behavior and ensure that the island remains a safe and welcoming place for both residents and responsible tourists.

The recent brawl and the subsequent arrests serve as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by popular tourist destinations in balancing economic benefits with maintaining public order and community wellbeing.


The violent incident at Balneario Illetas highlights the ongoing issues of managing tourist behavior in Majorca.

The strong response from local authorities underscores their commitment to preserving the safety and reputation of their municipality.

As Majorca continues to attract visitors, it is crucial for both tourists and local authorities to work together to ensure that the island remains a desirable and harmonious destination for all.