EdTech Tulna Shortlists Matific as a Leading EdTech Platform Providing Exemplary Learning Experience for Young Learners

EdTech Tulna Shortlists Matific as a Leading EdTech Platform Providing Exemplary Learning Experience for Young Learners

EdTech Tulna, an evaluation platform led by researchers from the Educational Technology department at IIT Bombay and Central Square Foundation, has rated Matific, the leading global edtech platform for K-6 mathematics, as an exemplary platform for young learners.

Under the advisory group of renowned experts like Mr.

Anil Swarup, Former Secretary, Govt.

of India, Dr.

Asyia Kazmi, Global Education Policy Lead, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Dr.

Amina Charania, Associate Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, EdTech Tulna aims to reduce information asymmetry in the edtech ecosystem and focuses on bringing structure to the sector to further elevate the standards of education.

The team members have expertise in research in educational technology, learning sciences, human-computer interaction, and discipline-based education.

While being evaluated by EdTech Tulna, each product goes through a rigorous review process for four grade ranges K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-10.

This further signifies the stringent parameters on which Matific was put to test on and how it qualified with an “exemplary” rating in most of the domains.

The report states how Matific serves as the perfect platform for personalised and adaptive Math learning for grades K-5.

It further reflects how Matific presents learners with play-based activities aligned with the national curriculum.

Matific can be used independently by children as the learning activities adapt according to the level and the performance of the learner.

Matific is also suitable for use by schools and teachers to supplement their classroom.

Sahana Murthy, Professor at IIT Bombay and Partner at Central Square Foundation, said, “With the increasing reliance on edtech products, there is a need for quality benchmarks to evaluate the platforms and their impact.

We provide expert evaluation reports of K-10 edtech learning products to help people choose the right solutions.

We evaluated Matific across dimensions like pedagogical alignment, content quality design and technology and acknowledged it to be one of the best platforms for learning as well as teaching Mathematics.

Helping students learn an analytical subject like Mathematics is not an easy task and requires personal attention.

We encourage Matific to continue supporting young learners with building numerological capabilities which will add value to their life skills.

“3 broad dimensions that were considered by EdTech Tulna during this evaluation were – Content Quality, Pedagogical Alignment and Technology & Design.

Matific became the only EdTech brand under Personalized Adaptive Learning category to get Exemplary rating in all 3 dimensions.

EdTech Tulna has highlighted these potential benefits of Matific for learners in their report:Engage with the content deeply due to exemplary cognitive engagement and motivational featuresSolve difficult mathematical problems due to exemplary constructivist pedagogy approach and learning scaffolding in the productUse the content for practice activities as the content is accurate and aligned with the NCERT curriculumThe report further states that teachers will likely be able to:Use game-like activities as assignments to support classroom teaching or use it as an out-of-class component in a flipped-classroom modelAssign game activities to learners based on their performance since the product has an exemplary dashboardCommenting on the recognition, Rajeev Krishnan, Vice-president, India at Matific says, “At Matific, our core vision is about ensuring equity and access to the worlds leading mathematics resource for children across the globe.

It’s about providing an environment that doesn’t just help children pass a test, but lays the foundation for a lifetime of mathematics.

In the end, once a child is engaged with maths, the rest is easy.

We are glad to receive this level of recognition; it is a strong statement about our dedication to making positive changes in the field of Primary Education especially in the field of Foundational Numeracy.

“Matific has been empowering teachers, students, and schools on a global level in over 60 countries and localised to 40 languages.

The comprehensive ed-tech platform aims to substantially increase the students’ engagement with math using game-based principles to encourage students to learn through discovery while, at the same time, being aligned with the local curriculum (IB/IGCSE/ICSE/CBSE/State Syllabus).

It combines a repository of more than 2,000 interactive activities, worksheets, workshops, and assessments to keep students engaged, both at school and at home.