Duncan Bannatyne, Former ‘Dragon’s Den’ Star, Recovers From Dance Floor Mishap

Dance Mishap Leads to Injury

Former ‘Dragon’s Den’ star Duncan Bannatyne, 74, encountered an unfortunate incident while enjoying a holiday with his wife Nigora Whitehorn in St. Barts.

Engaging in dance late into the night, the tycoon reportedly sustained serious injuries, hindering his movements.

Injury Details and Recovery

Bannatyne was spotted at Gustaf III Airport in St. Barts with a visible brace on his right leg and relied on a crutch for support.

His spokesperson revealed that despite an ongoing recovery from a previous leg injury sustained eight weeks ago in London, the active holiday in the Caribbean led to this setback.

However, Bannatyne ensured proper support for his flight home and is currently recuperating.

Bannatyne’s Personal Life and Career

Known for his success as a sports club tycoon, Bannatyne, with an estimated fortune exceeding £400 million, has had six children from two previous marriages.

He met Nigora, 31 years younger than him, at a dental clinic in Harley Street, London, where she previously worked. The couple got married in Portugal in 2017 and have a home there.

Health Updates and Support

In September, Nigora shared updates about Bannatyne’s health, mentioning that he was undergoing a medical procedure in Portugal. She expressed her support, indicating that they were hopeful during this time, showcasing a photo of Bannatyne laid back on a hospital bed in preparation for an endoscopy.