Food Blogger Deliciously Ella Unveils Struggle With Online Harassment, Retreats From Limelight

Deliciously Ella’s Cyberbullying Ordeal

Ella Mills, better known as food blogger Deliciously Ella, revealed her distressing experience dealing with severe online harassment that led her to retreat from public life.

Despite her early success with a blog that gained fame while she was studying at St Andrew’s University in 2013, the increase in fame and scrutiny took a toll on her mental health.

Retreat from Public Eye

Amidst escalating scrutiny and what she described as “personal” and “incredibly violating” attacks, Ella felt overwhelmed and retreated from the public eye, losing her voice in the process.

Despite this withdrawal, she redirected her focus on food, evident in her Instagram posts showcasing delicious dishes and personal moments with her family.

Transition to Food-Centric Posts

Ella’s food empire, now valued at about £60 million, shifted her focus to her cooking, exercise routines, family moments, and occasionally her advocacy for food-related causes.

Expressing a desire to follow in Jamie Oliver’s footsteps and engage in food advocacy, Ella emphasized her commitment to changing people’s eating habits for the better.

Struggles Amid Success

Her initial success, marked by her 2015 book “Deliciously Ella,” was met with vicious trolling that nearly compelled her to abandon her venture.

The transition from a niche following to widespread recognition left her feeling out of depth and conflicted about her future in the industry.

Family Background and Future Plans

Ella emphasized that despite her family connections, particularly her mother’s ties to Sainsbury’s, there were no financial handouts that contributed to her success.

Looking ahead, Ella hinted at a potential shift toward “food politics” and might seek advice from her father, former Labour MP Shaun Woodward.

Family Dynamics and Personal Life

Her husband, Matthew Mills, also part of the Deliciously Ella brand, has political aspirations, possibly aiming for a parliamentary run. Ella revealed their unconventional start as an “arranged marriage” orchestrated through their parents, eventually blossoming into a personal relationship.

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