‘Sophie Turner’ Life Among the Aristocracy After Joe Jonas Split

Sophie Turner’s New Romantic Venture

Actress Sophie Turner, known for her role as Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones,” is adapting to a new lifestyle among the aristocracy after her split from pop star Joe Jonas earlier this year.

The 27-year-old actress is now romantically involved with Peregrine Pearson, the son and heir of Viscount Cowdray. Recently, Turner joined Perry, 29, and his elite circle for a shooting weekend at Blenheim Palace, the Duke of Marlborough’s estate in Oxfordshire.

Anton du Beke’s Festive Presents and Quirks

“Strictly Come Dancing” judge Anton du Beke, known for his self-promotion, plans an interesting set of Christmas gifts. He intends to give friends and family copies of his latest novel, accompanied by memorabilia featuring his image.

Despite joking about his Santa Claus-like gifting tendencies, he and his wife have decided to limit the number of presents they give to their six-year-old twins, George and Henrietta.

Prince Harry’s Teenage Shenanigans Revealed

The Duke of Beaufort shared an intriguing anecdote about Prince Harry during his teenage years. At a party in Badminton House, Gloucestershire, the young prince threw fully clothed girls into a pool, a prank that would unlikely amuse Meghan Markle, according to the duke.

Keith Richards’ Voice Evolution

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, approaching his 80th birthday, claims his voice has improved since quitting smoking in 2019.

He attributes the change to compliments from sound professionals during a recent tour, stating that singing feels different and more enjoyable now.

Insights into Prince Harry’s Portrayal in “The Crown”

Actor Luther Ford, portraying a teenage Prince Harry in the final season of “The Crown,” expressed a neutral stance on the monarchy.

Despite the royal family’s mixed opinions, Ford maintained a semi-impartial perspective on their cultural significance.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Financial Update

Rockstar Ozzy Osbourne might not have recent hit singles, but his financial situation remains strong. His business, Monowise, reported a significant increase in assets, totaling £14.1 million, with retained profits of £8.1 million.

However, his wife Sharon recently revealed the heartbreaking impact of Ozzy’s advancing frailty due to Parkinson’s disease.