Dust Haze Obscures Skies in North, Thunderstorms Lurk in South – NiMet Advises Caution

Dust Haze Hangs Over North, Thunderstorms Lurk in South: NiMet Updates Weather Forecast

Prepare for Patchy Visibility and Localized Downpours Across Nigeria:

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) has issued a weather forecast cautioning about moderate dust haze in the North and North Central regions, coupled with localized thunderstorms in Southern states.

North Brace for Dust, South for Patchy Clouds and Possible Storms:

Dust Haze:

Moderate dust haze with a visibility range of 2-5km is expected throughout the forecast period across the Northern and North Central regions.

Cloudy Skies and Thunderstorms:

Patches of clouds and isolated thunderstorms are predicted for the morning hours in the inland cities of the South and coastal states.

This includes the possibility of downpours in parts of Delta, Lagos, Cross River, Bayelsa, and Rivers states during the afternoon and evening.

NiMet’s Advisory: Stay Informed and Take Precautions:

General Public:

NiMet urges everyone to be aware of the forecast and take appropriate precautions for their safety and well-being.

Stay updated with local weather advisories and alerts, especially if you reside in areas with dust haze or thunderstorm warnings.

Airline Operators:

NiMet advises airlines to obtain the latest weather reports for effective planning and safe operations.

Travelers and Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Exercise caution and discretion when traveling or engaging in outdoor activities, particularly in areas affected by dust haze or thunderstorms.

Be vigilant and prepared as NiMet’s forecast paints a picture of dusty skies in the North and potential downpours in the South.

Stay informed and prioritize your safety amidst the unpredictable weather.