21-year prison sentence for drug dealer who supplied approximately £1 million worth of cocaine to west London

An individual from Isleworth has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for his part in distributing cocaine valued at approximately £936,000 within the west London area.

Sam Coleman, aged 33, received his sentencing on Thursday at Kingston Crown Court in connection with orchestrating “large scale drug transactions.” This came after an investigation carried out by the Metropolitan Police known as Operation Eternal, which spanned over three years.

The Met Police revealed that Coleman was also implicated in a plot to supply over 26 kilograms of cocaine, driven by his primary goal to generate substantial profits. In February 2021, law enforcement officers conducted a raid on his residence and vehicle, seizing cocaine, £36,325 in cash, watches, and a knife.

Photographs discovered on Coleman’s phone displayed significant quantities of cocaine in kilogram blocks, substantial amounts of cash, and a considerable quantity of cannabis. His internet search history revealed correspondence wherein he intended to purchase cocaine purity test kits.

Coleman was apprehended at his residence and subsequently charged. The Met Police leveraged data from Encrochat, a secure messaging service that was closed down in June 2020, to expose key members of the drug network. This operation, referred to as Operation Eternal, targeted Encrochat users believed to be operating in London. The owner of the Encrochat handle “Lousybrandy” was identified as Sam Coleman, leading to an investigation into his activities.

It was established that Coleman sourced the narcotics from another Encrochat user linked to an organized criminal network with access to substantial cocaine quantities. Lousybrandy facilitated the distribution of these drugs to others through another Encrochat handle.

Substantial discussions by Lousybrandy also pertained to the acquisition of firearms and ammunition. Detective Constable Andy Chapman from Operation Eternal in Specialist Crime stated that Coleman arranged extensive drug deals with a sole focus on maximizing profit, disregarding the negative impact of drug supply on communities and the resulting violence. Chapman highlighted the extensive efforts put forth by multiple Met teams to uncover Coleman’s identity and build a robust case against him.

He emphasized the success of Operation Eternal in identifying and imprisoning major figures in the criminal world, curbing the influx of drugs and firearms onto the streets. Chapman emphasized that the drugs trade relies on exploitation and violence, and the Met Police will persist in pursuing those involved and bringing them to justice.

Following the trial, Coleman was found guilty on multiple charges, including conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, transferring criminal property, possessing prohibited weapons, possessing ammunition, possessing Class A drugs with intent, and possessing criminal property.

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