Dramatic Suicide Attempt Unfolds in Ikeja High Court After Suspect Tries to Kill Himself

Tension gripped an Ikeja High Court on Tuesday, January 23, as a suspect, Ayoko Oluwatobi, facing a six-count charge, made a dramatic suicide attempt while leaving the courtroom.

The charges against the 25-year-old include causing grievous bodily harm, damage to property, and membership in an unlawful society.

Following a bail application by his counsel, seeking liberal terms, the prosecution opposed it, citing concerns about the defendant being a flight risk.

Court’s Decision and Adjournment

Justice Hakeem Oshodi, after hearing arguments from both legal teams, decided to adjourn the case until April 9 for a ruling on the bail application.

The prospect of a prolonged wait seemed to have triggered an intense reaction from the defendant.

Suicide Attempt Unfolds

Upon leaving the dock, Oluwatobi approached the prosecution team, tapping them on the back, claiming they were his friends and urging them to release him.

As he was being escorted out of the courtroom, the situation took a drastic turn. The defendant began headbutting the wall, loudly expressing his desperation, stating, “I want to die, I can’t wait till April.”

In a harrowing attempt, he climbed the window of the courtroom, seemingly intending to jump down from the two-storey building.

Intervention by Law Enforcement

Prompt intervention became crucial as officers from the court’s police unit and a correctional service officer managed to restrain the desperate defendant.

They succeeded in preventing him from carrying out his attempted suicide by firmly holding onto one of his legs.

The incident added a highly distressing dimension to the courtroom proceedings, highlighting the challenging nature of the legal system and its impact on individuals involved in criminal trials.