Doja Cat Wears Feline Prosthetics and Meows Through Interview at Met Gala

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media. At the Met Gala, rapper Doja Cat paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s famously-adored cat Choupette by wearing feline prosthetics and an embellished gown with matching cat ears.

The event was held this year in honour of the late designer and saw several stars attend wearing designs in tribute to Lagerfeld, who died in 2019.

Behaviour at the Event

Doja Cat stood out among the attendees not just for her daring look, but also for her peculiar behaviour.

During an interview with US internet personality and Vogue correspondent Emma Chamberlain, Doja meowed all the way through, fully embodying her feline character.

Chamberlain was left confused and baffled by Doja’s behaviour, but fans found it hilarious and praised her commitment to character.

Other Celebrities’ Tributes


Doja Cat was not the only celebrity to give tribute to Lagerfeld’s cat at the Met Gala.

Actor Jared Leto also paid homage by dressing in a full cat costume at the event.

Analysis and Commentary

Doja Cat’s appearance at the Met Gala generated a lot of attention, particularly her commitment to character by meowing all the way through her interview.

While some found it hilarious and praised her for it, others may have found it strange and unprofessional.

However, it is worth noting that the Met Gala is known for its bold fashion choices and over-the-top looks, and Doja Cat’s appearance certainly fit the bill.

The event was held in honour of the late designer Karl Lagerfeld, who was known for his love of cats, particularly his beloved cat Choupette.

Doja Cat’s tribute to Choupette was fitting for the occasion and showed her appreciation for Lagerfeld’s influence on fashion.


While some may find Doja Cat’s behaviour at the event strange, it is important to remember that the Met Gala is a place where celebrities are encouraged to take risks and push boundaries with their fashion choices.

Doja Cat certainly did that, and her commitment to her feline character added an extra layer of creativity to her tribute to Karl Lagerfeld and his beloved cat Choupette.

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