Oba of Benin Cautions LP Governorship Aspirant Against Disrespecting Traditional Rulers

Oba of Benin Cautions LP Governorship Aspirant Against Disrespecting Traditional Rulers

Respect for Traditional Rulers in Politics

The Oba of Benin, Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II, has offered a word of caution to Kenneth Imansuagbon, the Labour Party (LP) governorship aspirant in Edo State, ahead of the upcoming gubernatorial election.

During Imansuagbon’s visit to seek royal blessings for his political career, Oba Ewuare emphasized the importance of respecting traditional rulers in the realm of politics.

The monarch urged Imansuagbon and other politicians in the state to accord traditional institutions the due respect they deserve, as it can lead to the attraction of blessings and protection from the ancestors.

Royal Blessings for Kenneth Imansuagbon

In a moment of prayer, Oba Ewuare asked the gods and ancestors of the land to support Kenneth Imansuagbon and help him overcome any obstacles, both seen and unseen, during his election campaign.

The monarch encouraged Imansuagbon to remain steadfast in keeping his electoral promises if victorious and to continue showing respect for the traditional institution in Edo State, contributing to the progress of the Benin Kingdom.

Imansuagbon Seeks Royal Blessing

Kenneth Imansuagbon, popularly known as the ‘Rice Man’ due to his annual distribution of rice to the needy, expressed his intention to contest the upcoming governorship election under the Labour Party’s banner.

He visited the Oba of Benin to inform him of his political ambition and to seek his royal blessing.

Imansuagbon’s ambition is to serve the people of Edo State, and he believes that the blessings of the monarch are essential for his journey.

Obaseki’s Perspective on Successor Selection

In a separate development, Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki addressed the process of selecting his successor for the 2024 gubernatorial election.

He emphasized the importance of fairness, equity, and inclusion in the selection process, ensuring that Edo remains unified.

Governor Obaseki stated that he does not have the authority to determine, appoint, or anoint his successor, emphasizing that the process should reflect these principles.

Completion of Promises and Relationship with Deputy Governor

Governor Obaseki also affirmed his commitment to fulfilling his election campaign promises and completing projects for the benefit of Edo residents.

Regarding his relationship with Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu, Obaseki clarified that he harbors no personal grievances and that the issues at hand are straightforward.

As political developments unfold in Edo State, the interactions between politicians and traditional rulers like the Oba of Benin play a significant role in shaping the political landscape.

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