Disgraced Mommy Blogger’s Son Dances on TikTok – ‘My Mom’s in Prison’

Disgraced Mommy Blogger’s Son Dances on TikTok – ‘My Mom’s in Prison’

Chad Franke, one of Ruby Franke’s six children, took to TikTok to express his apparent delight at his mother’s imprisonment.

In a clip shared just days before Ruby’s sentencing, Chad is seen dancing with his girlfriend, captioning the video with the words, ‘My mom’s in prison.’

The seemingly mocking TikTok suggests a complex family dynamic, as the son displays an unexpected reaction to his mother’s severe legal consequences.

Sentencing and Courtroom Emotions:

Ruby Franke faced her sentencing with an emotional courtroom appearance.

The 42-year-old mommy blogger, known for her YouTube channel ‘8 Passengers,’ pleaded guilty last year to four counts of child abuse, acknowledging the brutal mistreatment of her own children.

Chad’s visible smile as he left the courthouse and participated in the TikTok video adds a layer of complexity to the situation, hinting at a strained relationship.

Legal Consequences and Apologies:

Ruby Franke was sentenced to up to 30 years in prison for her role in subjecting two of her children to extreme abuse, creating what authorities described as a ‘concentration camp-like setting.’

Despite the severity of the charges, Chad Franke’s lighthearted TikTok suggests a departure from the typical solemnity associated with such legal proceedings.

Ruby Franke apologized in court, expressing remorse to her children and ex-husband, Kevin Franke, who attended the sentencing.

Family Dynamics Unveiled:

Chad Franke’s TikTok video not only reflects the son’s unconventional response to his mother’s sentencing but also highlights the complex family dynamics at play.

The public nature of the video adds an unexpected layer to the already dramatic narrative surrounding Ruby Franke’s fall from grace as a prominent ‘Momfluencer.’

Legal Outcomes for Franke and Partner:

Ruby Franke’s business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, faced a similar fate with both women receiving the same sentence.

The legal proceedings revealed shocking details of the abuse, portraying Franke and Hildebrandt’s actions as some of the worst child abuse witnessed by the prosecutor in nearly three decades.

Controversial Legal Statements:

Amidst the legal process, Franke directed blame toward Hildebrandt, claiming she followed guidance that led her into a ‘dark delusion.’

However, she accepted full accountability for her choices.

The legal battle also involved Franke’s ex-husband, Kevin Franke, calling for both women to face significant jail time.

Religious Extremism and Prosecution’s Perspective:

The case took a dark turn with authorities associating the abuse with religious extremism.

The prosecutor emphasized that the defendants believed the abuse was necessary for the children to repent for imagined ‘sins.’

Ruby Franke’s remorse during her time in jail stood in stark contrast to Hildebrandt’s apparent lack of remorse, further complicating the narrative.


The juxtaposition of legal consequences, emotional courtroom scenes, and Chad Franke’s TikTok video presents a multifaceted view of a family in turmoil.

The complexities surrounding the case, coupled with unexpected reactions, create a narrative that extends beyond the courtroom drama, shedding light on the intricate dynamics within the Franke family.

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