Defense Department clarifies Edem Abotsi’s citizenship

Defense Department clarifies Edem Abotsi’s citizenship

The Department of Defense (DOD) has provided clarification regarding the status and nationality of its acting Chief Financial Officer, Edem Abotsi. This comes in response to concerns and outrage from social media users who were questioning his appointment due to his Ghanaian origin.

The DOD released a statement addressing the issue, acknowledging the social media posts that raised questions about Abotsi’s citizenship and his role within the department. The statement confirmed that Edem Abotsi has been part of the department since 2014, serving as Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Director of Financial Services. Following the departure of the previous Chief Financial Officer, Abotsi assumed the role of acting CFO.

Furthermore, the DOD clarified that Edem Abotsi has been legally residing in South Africa since 1991 and became a naturalized citizen in 1999. He is a qualified auditor and accountant and had a 14-year tenure at the Office of the Auditor General, where he left as a Senior Audit Manager.

The department expressed concerns about the malicious reports associating Abotsi with illegal immigrants involved in criminal activities. The DOD emphasized that Abotsi has adhered to all the laws of the Republic of South Africa regarding foreign nationals’ legal residence, work, and eventual citizenship.

The statement also aimed to address a tweet that had circulated, confirming Abotsi’s Ghanaian origins and his naturalized South African citizenship. The DOD’s response sought to counter misinformation and set the record straight regarding Abotsi’s background and legal status in South Africa.