Dementia, Second Marriages, and TV Dramas Fuel Rise in Will Challenges

Dementia, Second Marriages, and TV Dramas Fuel Rise in Will Challenges

The number of will disputes has surged to record levels, with up to 10,000 cases reported annually.

Several factors contribute to this dramatic increase, including the passing of rich baby boomers, a rise in dementia cases, complexities arising from second marriages, and the financial implications of property ownership.

Lawyers speculate that the use of videolink for executing wills during the Covid pandemic may have played a role, and the influence of TV dramas depicting high-profile cases is also cited.

Factors Driving Will Disputes:

Baby Boomers’ Deaths:

The passing of baby boomers, who possess substantial property assets, intensifies the financial stakes for heirs, leading to an increase in will disputes.

Rise in Dementia Cases:

The growing prevalence of dementia raises concerns about the proper drafting of wills, contributing to disputes over the validity of testamentary documents.

Second Marriages:

Complexities arising from second marriages often result in disputes over asset distribution, particularly when there are conflicting interests between current and former spouses.

Videolink Execution:

The practice of executing wills via videolink, a measure adopted during the Covid pandemic, is considered a potential factor behind the rise in disputes.

Financial Strain:

Individuals grappling with the cost-of-living crisis may be more inclined to take risks and challenge wills, adding to the overall surge.

Legal Perspectives and Costs:

Lawyers express concerns about the escalating costs associated with will disputes, especially when cases go to trial.

Going to court is described as “ruinously expensive” for those involved, emphasizing the need for alternative dispute resolution methods.

Most disputes are settled out of court, highlighting the burden on the legal system and the emotional toll on families.

Case Example: Holly McIntosh:

Holly McIntosh from Surrey shared her family’s experience, stating that her stepmother’s actions for a larger share of her father’s will led to legal battles, costing £400,000.

Despite the original will favoring the daughters, the stepmother ultimately secured a third of the house, causing significant distress to the family.

Expert Advice and Outlook:

Experts, such as Richard Manyon, emphasize the importance of clarity in will drafting to avoid disputes.

He suggests explaining the reasoning behind decisions and providing opportunities for potential objections.

A study by legal firm IBB Law indicates that three in four people are likely to experience a will, inheritance, or probate dispute, underscoring the prevalence of such challenges.


The surge in will disputes reflects a complex interplay of demographic, societal, and legal factors.

As individuals navigate intricate family dynamics, legal professionals stress the importance of transparent communication to minimize legal costs and emotional stress associated with contested wills.

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