Meet the TikTok Stars Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Epic 274-Day World Cruise, Where Daily Life Dramas Take Center Stage

Setting Sail on a Social Media Odyssey:

Audrey and Joe Martucci, part of Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas’ 274-day world cruise, find themselves in the spotlight as their TikTok account @spendingourkidsmoney gains traction among the 90,000 followers.

While their balcony frames the ocean waves, the couple navigates the mundane task of wardrobe organization in the hours leading to their Chilean port stop.

The Ultimate World Cruise Experience:

Billed as the ‘ultimate world cruise,’ this 274-day voyage explores seven continents and 150 locations, offering breathtaking sights from Antarctic glaciers to the wonders of Machu Picchu.

With prices ranging from £47,000 to £92,000 per person, it’s not just about tidying clothes; it’s a social media sensation.

Cruise Tok Chronicles:

Under the hashtag ‘Cruise Tok,’ passengers, including influencers and veteran cruisers, document daily life intricacies on TikTok.

The content spans from bickering over exclusive club access to rumors of a red wine shortage and Covid concerns, providing millions virtually tagging along.

Life as ‘Cast Members’:

Passengers embrace the ‘cast member’ role, turning the cruise into a reality show. Marital disputes, pineapple-coded rumors of swinging, and bingo cards predicting future storylines fuel the online narrative.

Adita Larson, debunking swinger rumors, gains social media prominence, and the cruise transforms into an unexpected online phenomenon.

TikTok’s Social Media Voyage:

The Martuccis, from Las Vegas, find themselves at the heart of this online drama, reaching nearly 100,000 followers in just a month.

Their TikTok journey, initiated by their children, becomes a substitute family for some followers, blending education and fun without engaging in drama.

Young Influencers and Mixed Experiences:

While younger influencers like Marc Sebastian complain about non-stop noise and share their ‘floating retirement home’ experience, others like Amike Oosthuizen, a 26-year-old South African, enjoy a positive vibe.

Oosthuizen shares her gym routine and ship life, accumulating 280,000 followers on TikTok.

Primark Welcoming Committee and Unexpected Fame:

Audrey anticipates a welcoming committee at Primark in Southampton, demonstrating the cruise’s unexpected fame.

Fans, like British TikToker Becky Fletcher, are hooked on the “unedited reality show” aboard the Serenade.

The cruise, now sailing up the South American coast, continues to capture the fascination of online viewers.

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