Dele Momodu’s Heartwarming Encounters: Making a Fan’s Day and Touched by T.B. Joshua’s Daughter’s Message

Dele Momodu’s Heartwarming Encounters: Making a Fan’s Day and Touched by T.B. Joshua’s Daughter’s Message

Dele Momodu’s Kind Gesture for a Fan

Nigerian journalist and businessman, Dele Momodu, recently shared a heartwarming encounter he had with an Ivorian lady who happens to be a fan of his niece, Sophia Momodu, and her daughter, Imade Adeleke.


The meeting took place at the VIP lounge of Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

Meeting ESTHER MATTIA ELIER, A Dedicated Fan

Dele Momodu introduced the lady as ESTHER MATTIA ELIER, who serves as a manager at the VIP lounge.

She expressed her admiration for Sophia Momodu and Imade Adeleke to Dele Momodu during their conversation.

Touched by her genuine affection for his family, Dele Momodu decided to make her happy and connect her with Sophia.


A Joyous Phone Call and a Fan on Cloud Nine

To fulfill ESTHER’s wish, Dele Momodu called Sophia and handed the phone to the excited Ivorian fan.

The call brought immense joy to ESTHER MATTIA ELIER, and she felt overjoyed and ecstatic.

Her admiration for Sophia and Imade was rewarded with a special moment that left her “on the moon.”

Dele Momodu’s Emotional Reaction to T.B. Joshua’s Daughter’s Message

In another touching incident, Dele Momodu shared his emotional response to a message he received from Promise, the daughter of the late Nigerian clergyman, T.B Joshua.

The message was conveyed through Instagram and brought tears of joy to Dele Momodu.


Promise’s Remarkable Achievement

Promise proudly informed Dele Momodu that she had achieved a second Master’s degree from the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE).

The accomplishment was all the more remarkable as she accomplished this feat within just three years.

Gratefulness and Blessings for T.B. Joshua’s Family

In the heartfelt message, Promise expressed her gratitude to Dele Momodu for his unwavering support.

She shared her joy and the special day’s celebration with him.

Dele Momodu couldn’t help but express his happiness for the continuous blessings that God has bestowed upon T.B. Joshua’s family even after his passing.


Congratulations to Prophetess Evelyn T.B. Joshua and the Family

In conclusion, Dele Momodu congratulated Prophetess Evelyn T.B. Joshua and the entire family on Promise’s outstanding achievement.

The moment highlighted the enduring impact of T.B. Joshua’s legacy and the positive influence he continues to have on the lives of those he touched.

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