Do2dtun’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him of Emotional, Sexual, and Psychological Abuse

Accusations Unveiled:

Following media personality Do2dtun’s recent public request to see his children and have custody during holidays, his ex-wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo, has come forward with a series of accusations.

In a statement shared on Instagram, Taiwo publicly accused Do2dtun of subjecting her to emotional, sexual, and psychological abuse.

A Plea for Forgiveness:

In her Instagram statement, Taiwo expressed her apologies to her daughters, her family members, and even to her brother, D’banj, in response to the public outburst initiated by her former husband.

She highlighted the pain and trauma she endured during their marriage and made it clear that Do2dtun’s battle should not involve D’banj.

The Truth Unveiled:

Taiwo continued to shed light on the issues in their relationship, revealing her perspective on various matters. She addressed accusations, clarified that the car they owned was a gift from D’banj, and refuted claims that her mother influenced her to quit her job.

She emphasized that her decision to work for Mohits was influenced by Do2dtun and was meant to secure their financial stability.

Protecting Her Daughters:

Taiwo asserted that her decisions were made to protect her daughters from the abuse she experienced during their marriage.

She also contested Do2dtun’s claims about the children’s whereabouts and motivations, accusing him of chasing clout and misleading the public.

Airing Personal Matters:

The public statement by Taiwo Oyebanjo serves as a response to Do2dtun’s social media outburst and aims to provide her side of the story regarding their past relationship, its challenges, and the protection of her children.

The controversy has garnered significant attention and is now in the public eye.