Anti-Israel Protests Erupt Worldwide on ‘Day of Jihad’

Anti-Israel Protests Erupt Worldwide on ‘Day of Jihad’

Hamas Leader’s Call Spurs Global Protests

Former Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s recent call for Muslims to take to the streets in response to the ongoing conflict with Israel has led to a series of anti-Israel protests around the world.

These protests, dubbed the ‘Day of Jihad,’ have been met with varying degrees of support and condemnation.

Call for Mass Mobilization

In his call to action, Meshaal urged Muslims to gather in the public squares and streets of Arab and Islamic nations.

He specifically highlighted the responsibilities of governments and people in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt to support the Palestinian cause.

His message resonated with many, prompting demonstrations and rallies in multiple countries.

International Solidarity

One of the most significant gatherings took place in Baghdad’s Tahir Square, where thousands of Iraqis showed their support for Hamas.

In a display of solidarity, giant Palestinian flags were laid alongside the Iraqi flag while the Israeli flag was set alight.

The protesters chanted anti-occupation slogans and expressed their support for Gaza.

Protests Around the World

Protests were not limited to the Middle East.

In Tokyo, a group of Muslims staged a demonstration outside the Israeli embassy, sparking a standoff with the police.

This followed a peaceful gathering of pro-Israel supporters at the same location just a day earlier. Across the globe, Muslims congregated in mosques for their first Friday prayers since the recent Hamas assault.

Global Appeal for Peace

Islamic leaders in Indonesia made an appeal for mosques worldwide to pray for peace and safety in the Gaza Strip.

They encouraged the performance of the Qunut Nazilahto prayer, traditionally used for protection, with the hope of swiftly ending the conflict.

These efforts exemplify the global sentiment surrounding the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian crisis.

Heightened Security Measures

In cities with significant Jewish populations, security measures were heightened in response to the protests.

In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams announced an increase in security, despite no specific intelligence of violence.

Los Angeles Police Department also deployed extra forces around Jewish cultural sites. Meanwhile, in London and Amsterdam, Jewish schools took precautionary measures in response to perceived threats.

Concerns About Rising Tensions

The situation has raised concerns about escalating tensions and opportunistic violence.

Australia’s domestic intelligence agency issued a warning about the potential for unrest and called for calm. T

he international community remains deeply divided on the issue, with protests reflecting both solidarity with victims and deep-rooted divisions.

International Diplomatic Efforts

Efforts to ease the crisis extend to international diplomacy. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel and Jordan, aiming to show solidarity with Israel and explore avenues for the release of hostages.

Qatar has also engaged in efforts to establish communication with Hamas for hostage negotiations.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Amid the ongoing conflict, Gaza’s health ministry reported a substantial number of casualties, including deaths and injuries.

Hospitals are facing critical challenges as fuel for emergency generators is running low. The situation underscores the urgency of resolving the conflict to prevent further suffering among civilians.

Ongoing Hostage Situation

The conflict took a particularly grim turn with the kidnapping of hostages. Hostages, including American citizens, were taken by Hamas.

Efforts to secure their release have been complicated by limited information about their condition and whereabouts.

Diplomatic negotiations and international cooperation are vital in addressing this distressing aspect of the crisis.

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