David Nalbandian, Ex-Tennis Pro, Accused of Surveillance Scandal Involving Hidden Camera in Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

David Nalbandian, Ex-Tennis Pro, Accused of Surveillance Scandal Involving Hidden Camera in Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

Tennis Star Turned Accused

Former Argentine tennis sensation David Nalbandian, known for reaching the Wimbledon final in 2002, is now entangled in controversy following accusations of secretly filming his ex-girlfriend, Araceli Torrado.

The 41-year-old, once ranked as high as world No 3 in the 2000s, is facing legal scrutiny over the alleged surveillance.

Relationship Scandal Unveiled

Nalbandian’s relationship with Torrado, which spanned from September 2022 to June 2023, took a disturbing turn post-breakup.

Reports from German outlet BILD suggest that the former tennis star installed a hidden camera in their shared apartment in Palermo, Italy, to continue monitoring Torrado without her knowledge.

Shocking Discovery and Legal Actions

The scandal came to light when Torrado’s brother discovered a hidden camera in her bedroom, prompting a wave of shock and horror.

Initially reported to the police, charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

However, persistent efforts from Torrado and her legal team, including audio recordings and messages, led to Nalbandian allegedly admitting to setting up the camera.

Admission and Potential Legal Consequences

A reported voice message from Nalbandian emerged, where he allegedly admitted to installing the camera, citing internet problems affecting its functionality.

Now facing charges of stalking and sexual harassment, the former tennis star could potentially be sued by Torrado if found guilty, marking a significant legal battle for the once-celebrated athlete.


The fall from grace for David Nalbandian is both startling and concerning, as the former tennis star faces serious allegations of breaching privacy and engaging in covert surveillance of his ex-girlfriend.

The scandal not only tarnishes his sports legacy but also raises broader questions about the boundaries of personal privacy in relationships.

As legal proceedings unfold, the impact on Nalbandian’s reputation and potential consequences for his actions will undoubtedly shape public perception.

This case serves as a reminder that even those in the spotlight can face severe repercussions for actions that violate trust and privacy.

The outcome of this legal battle will be closely watched, shedding light on the accountability of individuals, regardless of their past achievements.