David Beckham’s empire experiences a remarkable surge as sales soar, doubling to reach £72 million.

David Beckham’s Financial Surge

In the fiscal year of 2022, David Beckham’s commercial realm witnessed an extraordinary upsurge, more than doubling its revenue from £34.2 million in 2021 to an impressive £72.6 million.

This dramatic boost predominantly stemmed from lucrative brand partnerships and licensing agreements, notably with esteemed companies like Maserati.

A significant contribution to this soaring income came from Beckham’s contentious role as an ambassador for the Qatar World Cup, despite facing considerable criticism due to Qatar’s human rights controversies.

Reports indicate Beckham reaped a substantial £10 million from this collaboration.

Diverse Revenue Streams

The financial records submitted by DRJB Holdings, Beckham’s entity, revealed additional sources of revenue, including income generated by Studio 99, the TV production company behind the recent Netflix documentary about Beckham.

Last year, he strategically partnered with Authentic Brands, relinquishing 55 percent of his business for a substantial £200 million.

His business portfolio extends beyond partnerships, encompassing endorsement deals with esteemed brands like Tudor watches and his Haig whisky label.

Moreover, this year, he inked a deal with Nespresso and anticipates a promising influx of new business opportunities, as indicated by DRJB Holdings.

Victoria Beckham’s Fashion Success

Beyond David Beckham’s ventures, his wife Victoria’s fashion enterprise exhibited a notable achievement, registering a profit for the first time.

Shareholder reports unveiled an investment of £6.9 million by stakeholders, including the Beckhams, underscoring the promising trajectory of Victoria’s fashion label.

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